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Another AFOL arrives, Hi all.

I have been a rabid Lego fan since I can remember first playing with our family's one communal Lego (red and white bricks with If I remember a 16 study by 8, 1 brick thick baseplate) set at my Grans house and was truly hooked with my first space set a tiny delta flyer with my very first minifigure, my best birthday ever was when the Galaxy explorer landed on my door on my 8th birthday and I have not stopped since , no real dark age for me was an undercover Lego nerd throughout my teen years, I continued with some technic and at least one of each wave of space lego until that fateful day when Lego Star Wars launched, since then I have been more or less constantly adding to my sets alas at one time foolishly selling earlier models for their updates the loss of the first two Millenium Falcons and Star Destroyer still makes me sad, but no more I now just buy based on personal appeal and for the sheer joy of building I also am an enthusiastic latecomer to modulars and loved many of the Movie sets the Sea Cow IMA is one of the most beautiful sets ever created, I have most of the LOTR sets and was an avid dwarf collector from the Hobbit for a small time (the Lego was better than the Hobbit  films), I have literally gone over the house to find loose change and saved up to be able to get the first wave of TFA sets on Force Friday Scooby doo will have to wait... Sigh... I would love Discworld to have a set on Ideas then all of my favourite things would have a Lego incarnation. I hope to take part in discussions with like minded people and look forward to debating with you all.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.