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Legoland Orlando... One day trip or two days?

We are playing a family trip to Orlando for the fall and are doing a few days at Disney, Universal and of course LegoLand... 

Having never gone to Legoland I am wondering if it one day was enough to enjoy it fully or would it require 2 days?

It is about 45 minutes away from the other attractions and our hotel would be more central to the other parks we were trying to consider changing hotels and doing 2 days near Legoland or would one day be enough.

Things to consider: 
- 2 adults
- 1 seven year old girl
- Wife hates Lego

Any tips and tricks for the park would also be welcomed.



  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,033
    edited August 2015
    I would say that one day is enough for the park itself, however they added a new waterpark, which is really fun. Florida is nice, warm and sunny until at least mid-October, so if you come before that I would suggest to schedule two days; one for the main park, and one for the waterpark. The waterpark is great for kids and they can definitely spend an entire day there. It has a lazy-river too, which can be enjoyable for adults as well - as long as the there are not too many screaming kids around.
  • JenniJenni JapanMember Posts: 1,390
    We went 3 years ago with an 8-year-old girl, mom and 2 grandparents. We were there one day in June and went on pretty much every ride in the park. We did not watch any shows or go to the waterpark. If this is your first LEGOland visit, or you're interested in the waterpark? 2 days would probably be better, depending on your wife's tolerance :). I don't think you or your daughter will be bored.

    I can't think of any tips or tricks. In LEGOlands in general the longest lines are for the Temple laser ride but when we were in Orlando the line was about 10 minutes. LEGOland pick a brick is very expensive and not that great there.

    I hope you have a great trip.
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,033
    Since you are visiting Orlando, I would also suggest to stop by at the LEGO store in downtown Disney. It is really fun. And better than any other LEGO stores I have been because of the open design, play-areas, and I think it has the largest PAB wall in the USA. Also, if you are planning to shop this is the place to go as your VIP card will not work at LEGOLAND.

    Also, I highly recommend spending a day at Discovery Cove. It is right next to SeaWorld and you can get a combined pass. It is absolutely beautiful and very peaceful. I often say I could move into that park. The number of people who are admitted daily is strictly limited to a small group and you feel like you are in paradise. Food and everything is included. Swim with the fish, the dolphins, feed the birds, stroll the gardens... it also has a gorgeous lazy river that snakes around the park with waterfalls and all. It is my favorite park of all. If your wife is into this sort of thing give this to her as a gift for tolerating LEGOLAND. ;)  
  • BACbrixBACbrix AmericaMember Posts: 655
    Right now in Florida it is miserably hot. I live very close to Orlando and was just over there for the water parks and it was so hot at the water park that waiting in line for 20 minutes the concrete gave me a first degree burn. Just letting you know water parks will be crowded. Downtown Disney is cool and all but not much going on right now and the crowds are unforgiving mid day to late afternoon.
  • ChubblesChubbles USAMember Posts: 459
    Went to legoland today, was empty.  One day is all you need but keep in mind the rides are for little kids.  Had fun though, went with 6 and 4 year old boys.
  • CoyotelilyCoyotelily God's Own County, UKMember Posts: 659
    We went on Oct 15th 2012 which was the parks 1st birthday, so a little more interesting than usual, if your around on the 15th October this year it would be the 5th birthday so I might be worth getting in touch to see if they are holding any extra events,etc, but agree with everyone else that one day is more than enough.
  • jhuntin1jhuntin1 Indiana, USAMember Posts: 43
    My wife and I took our 7-year-old son at the end of June and one day was enough for us. He rode a few rides and we walked through the old Cyprus Gardens and we still saw everything in one day. I will also recommend driving to Downtown Disney to do your shopping. Other than a magnet, there weren't any other Lego sets that can't be had there.
  • YodaliciousYodalicious DagobahMember Posts: 1,366

    Just went in July for my son's birthday. To echo a lot of the others on here, one day is enough. It's a fun place for the LEGO fan in all of us, but it isn't as big in size when compared to a place like Magic Kingdom. You will get to do all you want in one day.

    Plus, you said you're going in the Fall and that tends to be slower times for a lot of the parks. Kids are back in school and people center most of their vacations around the Summer and holidays. I live about 90 minutes from the theme parks and we typically try to go January - March and September - November. Much less traffic and easier to do all the parks have to offer.

    Even in July, LEGOLAND wasn't all that packed. One day is enough.

  • LordofLegoLordofLego Member Posts: 311
    Wife hates Lego? Definitely two days.
  • AanchirAanchir United StatesMember Posts: 2,859
    I'd personally say two days. I went last year for my birthday, and even though I skipped a lot of the attractions and the entire water park, there was definitely more than enough to keep me occupied for two days. And there'd be even more for a kid, especially if you bring a bathing suit, since the Chima area has some "wet" activities.

    While you're there, be sure to stop at Granny's Apple Fries — those things are amazing! And don't forget to check out the discount shop, which can have some pretty good prices. The waterskiing show at Pirates' Cove is also a must-see. The botanical gardens were fun for me and my family, but would probably bore a lot of kids. On a two-day visit, I think the water park can also be skipped, since I believe it costs extra.

    However, I've never been to Walt Disney World and it's been YEARS since I've been to Universal Studios, so it's possible that those would offer more to keep you and your family entertained than LEGOLAND did? *shrug*
  • SprinkleOtterSprinkleOtter Member Posts: 2,742
    If you just want the rides, I'd say one day. To do rides, shows, and check out the shops and play areas, I think it would take two.
  • RidzDesignRidzDesign Member Posts: 30
    Thank you everybody... looks like we will be doing one day and doing all our purchasing at Downtown Disney... 
  • DNADNA New York, USAMember Posts: 89
    Sounds like a great plan. I second Granny's Apple Fries. Those things are delicious. 
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    Please be very careful in the heat if you are going soon. Nearby Tampa had a heat index of 112F a couple of days ago. Hats, maybe long-sleeved shirts to prevent burns, and lots of sunscreen. There are not many air conditioned places at LL FL, so do go inside and take a break from the heat every hour or so for at least 15 minutes. Take water bottles and fill them up often. Take sub or wraps from a nearby Public grocery store; they are a wonderful meal at about $7. each and much better than what you will get in the Park.

    They could use more shade trees so folks don't burn up, especially during the summer. Fall and spring are much better times to visit FL if you can manage those dates.

    The discount shop (called Extreme, I think) is the best place to buy LEGO in FL; go there first and ask them to send your packages to the entrance; this can take several hours. That way they will be there ready for pick up when you finish in the Park. Sometimes you can find really nice LEGO clothing on sale in the Extreme Store. 

    There are a lot of two for one coupons running around. Some LEGO stores are giving them out this month; you can look on eBay for folks selling them. A coupon saved us one adult admission price, which is a lot of dough. Parking is now $17. a day, which is what Disney charges. OMG! Your wife might enjoy some the films shown in the Park. And don't forget to have fun!
  • RidzDesignRidzDesign Member Posts: 30
    @legogal thanks for the concern... we are actually going in late October for that very reason... its just so much nicer there...  
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    @RidzDesign   Great choice of date! The new Friends (if open) and Duplo areas should be entertaining as well. Wish I had a 7 year old child to take with me! I have visited three times in the past year...August then January then August again. Melted on the August visits and literally got blown away and frozen on the January one. Not good! The good news is that the annual pass purchased in January saved me the parking fee and lowered the price quite a bit for repeat visits. (The minifig trade practice was not much help as all I could find on LL employees were undesirable mishmash figs that no one would want! Trades figs were much better in the Billund LL!) Have a wonderful trip!
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