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Whatever happened to the seasonal vignette sets?

I am sure I wasn't alone when I fell in love with the 2015 seasonal sets, Painting Easter Eggs 40121-1 and Valentine's Day Dinner 40120-1...

But whatever happened to any other? Nothing for summer... nothing yet for Halloween or fall...

I certainly hope they continue and make more of these little scenes. 


  • Sethro3Sethro3 United StatesMember Posts: 819
    I heard rumors of a Thanksgiving one and a Christmas one. You'd think Halloween would have been perfect, but not rumors for that one. This was on eurobricks somewhere I think.
  • HangedSanchezHangedSanchez United KingdomMember Posts: 310
    The large animals last year had nothing for the summer. We got Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and 2 at Christmas. Hopefully we get 6 this year.
  • LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 478
    Also a big fan of these sets!
  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 775
    Going by a list that popped up on Eurobricks, give it a week or two...
  • ryjayryjay Member Posts: 977
    I like these, too.  I never found this past year Easter one, however.   Couple of weeks ago I attended Bricks by the Bay and thought for sure a vendor would have one to sell, but nope, not a single one in the entire vendor show room.
  • (1)Stein(1)Stein GermanyMember Posts: 29
    40122 "Trick or Treat" should be out in October or maybe even September 
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