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UK: CMF & polybag trades. Superheroes minfigs also wanted

struddiestruddie Member Posts: 90

Hi folks,

I'm looking to complete my Simpsons series 2 collection and thought I'd add in some other wants and trades to see if I can save on postage and complete some of my wanted list. I'd prefer to trade CMFs for CMFs, but can do a mix and match if it makes sense. Will trade polys and/or CMFs for Superhero figures.


The Simpsons Series 2:

Comic Book Guy


Professor Frink

Hans Moleman


The Simpsons Series 2:


Groundskeeper Willie

The Simpsons Series 1:

Mr Burns



Panda Guy

Hard Hat Emmet

Wiley Fusebot

Series 13:

Galaxy Trooper


Egyptian Warrior

Snake Charmer



Series 12:

Video Game Guy

Dino Tracker

Series 11:

Welder x 3

Scientist x 2

Mountain Climber

Series 10:

Sky Diver x 2

Series 9:

Mr. Good & Evil

Series 5:

Cavewoman x 2

Zoo Keeper


TLR001 - Lone Ranger

SW326: Sebulba - Moveable Arms

All CMFs have been opened to check contents and then sealed in a grip seal bag, never touched or assembled. Would like to trade on a 1:1 basis.



I’m also after a few of the below, not too fussed which ones, but need a couple of Marvel and a couple of DC. Starred items are preferred.

SH032 - Deadpool*

SH025 or SH186 - either Black Widow*

SH087 - The Flash*

SH088 - The Riddler

SH099 - Falcon

SH168 - Iron Legion

SH056 - Nick Fury*

SH068 - Pepper Potts*

SH010 - Poison Ivy

SH180 - Quicksilver

SH174 - Scarlet Witch

SH007 - Two-face*

SH176, SH 168, SH175 - Any Ultron

SH113, SH055 - Venom

SH066 - War Machine

SH092 - Batgirl*

SH163 - Batzarro*

SH110, SH040 - either Doc Ock

SH052 - Dr Doom

SH057 - Dr. Harleen Quinzel

SH024 - Harley Qinn*

SH103 - Mary Jane 5

SH058 - Scarecrow




#30274 AT-DP

#30303 The Joker Bumper Car

#30272 A-Wing Starfighter

#5002145 Rocket Raccoon

#5002938 Stormtrooper Sergeant

#30275 TIE Advanced Prototype

#5001622 LEGO store employee


#30280 The Piece of Resistance

#40109 MINI Cooper Mini Model

#40025 New York Taxi

#40049 Sopwith Camel x 2

#40056 Thanksgiving

#40010 Father Christmas with Sledge Building Set

#40035 Rocking Horse

#30246 Imperial Shuttle

#30247 ARC-170 Starfighter

#30189 Transport Plane

#30264 Frax' Phoenix Flyer

#30265 Worriz' Fire Bike

#30205 Pop Star Red Carpet

#5001121 BR LEGO Minifigure

#5000063 TC-14

#5001709 Clone Trooper Lieutenant

#5002122 TC-4

All polybags are new and sealed, I would prefer the same in return.

Please PM me any offers. I'll be using eBay and Bricklink as a price guide. 



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