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Entire Lego Movie Collection

KavsterKavster Member Posts: 75
I'm selling my entire Lego Movie collection.
I have every set, but I have built them already.
I just don't have the space for it all anymore =[

I'm not in any major rush to sell these, and probably wouldn't be if I didn't need the space. So, I'm trying to sell it all as one lot for collection from Essex, UK (Near to Lakeside Shopping Centre).

At the moment they are all still built.
So, you can either collect them as already built, or I can de-assemble them, ready for you to build.
I have all the boxes and instructions. And I have all the spare pieces too!

Sets are as follows (taken from site)

#70800 - Getaway Glider - RRP £11.99 (Not found cheaper online)
#70801 - Melting Room - RRP £11.99 (Not found cheaper online)
#70802 - Bad Cop's Pursuit - RRP £24.99 - Cheapest price found online: £18
#70803 - Cloud Cuckoo Palace - RRP £17.99Cheapest price found online: £11
#70804 - Ice Cream Machine - RRP £24.99Cheapest price found online: £16
#70805 - Trash Chomper - RRP £24.99Cheapest price found online: £22
#70806 - Castle Cavalry - RRP £24.99 - Cheapest price found online: £20
#70807 - MetalBeard's Duel - RRP £29.99Cheapest price found online: £20
#70808 - Super Cycle Chase - RRP £44.99Cheapest price found online: £28
#70809 - Lord Business' Evil Lair - RRP £59.99Cheapest price found online: £48
#70810 - MetalBeard's Sea Cow - RRP £169.99 (Not found cheaper online)
#70811 - The Flying Flusher - RRP £24.99Cheapest price found online: £22
#70812 - Creative Ambush - RRP £34.99Cheapest price found online: £24
#70813 - Rescue Reinforcements - RRP £59.99Cheapest price found online: £54
#70814 - Emmet's Contruct-o-Mech - RRP £49.99Cheapest price found online: £35
#70815 - Super Secret Police Dropship - RRP £69.99Cheapest price found online: £54
#70816 - Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! - RRP £79.99Cheapest price found online: £57
#70817 - Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack - RRP £11.99 (Not found cheaper online)
#70818 - Double-Decker Couch - RRP £14.99 (Not found cheaper online)
#70819 - Bad Cop Car Chase - RRP £24.99Cheapest price found online: £21

Total RRP - £818.80
Cheapest Price Online Total - £670.95

But to account for anything I may have missed online, my asking price for the whole lot is £620 (Collected)

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.