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What's Next?

TheUltimateTFOLTheUltimateTFOL Texas, USAMember Posts: 154
edited August 2015 in Everything else LEGO
I've been wondering, what new themes do you think Lego is going to do over the next five years? I mean, I know that some themes like Angry Birds and Captain America 3 are already confirmed and Lego is obviously going to make sets for their next movies, but what else? As the current themes retire and new one take their place, here's what I'd like to see:
-A reboot of Space Police
-After Ultra Agents retires, some kind of undercover cops City sub-theme or even a return of Chase McCain
-themes based on some TV shows, where instead of the normal releasing sets by waves, small, one or two hundred piece sets are released every time there's an important episode
-a theme based off of the upcoming Ranger's Apprentice movie

These are just a few of mine, share yours in the comments!


  • AndorAndor United StatesMember Posts: 252
    Great Idea. Though for the tv shows, it might be hard to do it as you propose. Since a lot of preparation is involved in making a LEGO set. Ranger's Apprentice would be fantastic. Huzzah!
  • TarDomoTarDomo FinlandMember Posts: 515
    NHL theme would be interesting. There are not much sport related sets nowadays.
  • TheUltimateTFOLTheUltimateTFOL Texas, USAMember Posts: 154
    I feel like Lego wouldn't really be able to get too much variety with that theme. I mean, the only main difference between sets would be the minifigures and stadium, because the layout of the field would stay the same. Considering how expensive a football stadium would be, it wouldn't really be worth it. You'd get one set and essentially have the whole line, albeit with different colors.
  • TarDomoTarDomo FinlandMember Posts: 515

    Yea, I didn't mean like 30 different stadiums but one big stadium, a lot of players, an ice resurfacing truck, a fan shop, UCS Stanley Cup (haha, that'd be awesome) etc. Not sure if it would make money but I'd like it.

  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,430
    I imagine a reboot of ice planet 2002 (or maybe 20002) with ice monsters kinda like the rock monsters from power miners.
  • natro220natro220 USAMember Posts: 545
    How about a mashup of Ice Planet 2002 with NHL?
  • TheUltimateTFOLTheUltimateTFOL Texas, USAMember Posts: 154
    "Saving the world with our hockey sticks and Zamboni's"-Lego 2016
  • bobabricksbobabricks Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 1,839
    "Saving the world with our hockey sticks and Zamboni's"-Lego 2016
    UCS Zamboni. :open_mouth: 
  • TheUltimateTFOLTheUltimateTFOL Texas, USAMember Posts: 154
    UCS Zamboni + Hockey Stick vs UCS X-Wing + Blockade Runner
  • TheUltimateTFOLTheUltimateTFOL Texas, USAMember Posts: 154
    Back to the main topic: I think Lego should start with some more unlicensed themes. Usually the new themes introduced each year have about double the number of licensed themes than unlicensed ones. The fact that Lego is getting into pop culture is great; the hefty pricetags that come with it not so much.
  • LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 479
    I'm hoping we see another Western theme. Fort Legoredo was the set I wanted the most as a kid that I was never able to get. I actually remember calling Lego in the 90s asking for the set, only to be told that it was sold out. Entered my Dark Ages and never knew it was re-released in the 2000s.

    Of course I could buy the set now, it's not really that expensive. Honestly, it's just sort of a hollow looking set now....haha.

    Would love a beefed up Western theme!
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