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Classic Space and Castle Lego Collection (WIP)

jesirosejesirose McKinney, TXMember Posts: 52
Hi everyone, I hope this is the right place for this.

I joined the forum because as my son who is about to turn 4 has just gotten very into Lego. He really likes the Star Wars and Avengers stuff, and we've gotten some Juniors sets like the garbage truck, I love that one.

So my husband pulled out his old collection of Lego. He had kept almost all of his from when he was a kid, unfortunately he kept them in a cardboard box with no lid in his garage. So, I took on the task of cleaning and organizing them. I was really pleased with what I've found so far though.

He had several of the small classic space kits, and a couple classic spacemen. Most of them have the wrong color hands though, so I guess he lost and replaced the hands. There's also lots of Futuron and Blacktron stuff. 

He also has a huge castle set, and a bunch of police stuff, and I've found a bunch of little "Shell" labelled pieces. 

I'm still going through and organizing them into what sets I can identify, so we can build some of the classic space sets before turning it over to our son. I've started using this site and a few others to identify what pieces go in what set, and I've sorted them out into bagged sets. 

So I thought some people might find it interesting, and I wanted to share my progress as I go. Thanks for reading!

Cleaning and sorting, this is a small scoop out of the original box.

Found some classic space stuff, sadly one piece looks like a cat or dog got to it. Could have just been my now 30 year old brother in law though ;)

Sorting minifigs, noticed that red and black spaceman have yellow hands :( 

Still organizing once cleaned, I sorted most out into color and size.

Working on Castle and Space sets

All the minifigs:

Two classic space sets almost done and bagged. I'm missing like 3 pieces for the grey one. 

Trying to identify by graphics

Comparing pieces to the brickset site, super blurry pic, sorry. Just showing how my office has turned into lego central.

Working on a Blacktron set:



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