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Hi there -

My first set was the Universal Building Set 112 in 1977 when I was 3.  This was soon followed the Moon Landing and I was hooked.  I went through a lot of the Space theme as well as the early Castle sets until I was in junior high or so.  I was an avid box keeper and organizer.

Then a few years ago, on a whim I bought my daughter (four at the time) Olivia's Treehouse and she was totally hooked.  It was like seeing me when I was that age.  Absolutely amazing.  Now it's on to Elves.  And it's a yearly thing for us to build the Haunted House and the Winter Sets.

My nephew got into them in the 90s when I was in college.  However, he was not such a boxkeeper and broke up all the sets and dumped the pieces in a tub, throwing the boxes (and some of the instructions) away.

So, I'm working on piecing some of those old sets together.  I do have the original Main Street (in box), Galaxy Explorer and some others.  It looks like he had the Black Seas Barracuda, which I'm working on getting lost pieces for.  

Up next: In the next week I should be getting the final pieces (other than the levers) from Bricklink for the UCS 10179 Falcon.  There's no way I'm paying such prices for the dish and grey boat rigging, so I have to make some substitutions.  Trying to get in the levers is something I'll have to work out later. 


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