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Selling (UK) - Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit minifigures

msandersmsanders Member Posts: 1,006
Hi all,

I've accumulated a number of minifigures from parting out various sets. I'm looking to sell these in preparation for a house move in a few months. Please check them out and send me a PM if you're interested. I've sold and traded on here before. Also, I've got the Tower of Orthanc promotional poster that I've had stored away for years and not likely to ever want to display it if someone is interested. 

9472 - Weathertop

#LOR028 – Frodo

#LOR016 – Merry


9476 – Orc Forge

#LOR023 – Orc, Hair dark tan

#LOR024 – Orc

#LOR025 – Lurtz


79002 – Attack of Wargs

#LOR039 – Hunter Orc

#LOR040 – Thorin

#LOR041 – Bifur

#LOR048 – Hunter Orc with Quiver


79004 – Barrel Escape

#LOR054 – Chief Elf


79006 – Council of Elrond

#LOR013 – Gimli

#LOR059 – Elrond

#LOR060 – Arwen


79007 – Battle of Black gate

#LOR024 – Orc with Sword


79008 – Pirate Ship

#LOR015 – Legolas

#LOR017 – Aragorn

#LOR071 – King of the Dead

#LOR067 – Pirate of Umbar

#LOR024 – Orc with Axe

#LOR068 – Orc with Armor


79014 – Dol Guldur Battle

#LOR081 – Necromancer

#LOR090 – Grey Statue

#LOR089 – Orc with Sword and Shoulder pad

#LOR088 – Orc with Sword (no should pad)


79016 – Attack on Laketown

#LOR098 – Tauriel

#LOR099 – Bard

#LOR100 – Bain (son of Bard)

#LOR101 – Hunter Orc

#LOR102 – Hunter Orc with Quiver


79017 – Battle of Five armies

#LOR035 – Legolas

#LOR092 – Bard

#LOR106 – Thorin

#LOR107 – Dain Ironfoot

#LOR110 – Orcs


79018 – Lonely Mountain

#LOR093 – Bilbo

#LOR094 – Balin

#LOR095 – Dwalin

#LOR096 – Kili

#LOR097 – Fili


  • msandersmsanders Member Posts: 1,006
    I forgot to add that I have multiples of some of the minifigures
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