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For Sale/Trade [US to WW] CMF - Series 3 (Complete NISB - In-Package)

SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,242
edited August 2015 in Marketplace

The discussion title says it all.  It's ready to ship.

Please PM me with any cash offers, or reasonable trade offers.  I've also got a used Tower Bridge and Sydney Opera House (both 100% complete w/instructions) if that would help even out a swap. I'm pretty flexible with trades, but I am looking for the following:

#10224 - Town Hall (used, no box)
#10228 - Haunted House (used, no box)


#30255 - Crawley
#40054 - Summer Scene
#40059 - Santa's Sleigh
#850458 - VIP Top 5
#850486 - Rock Band
#3300002 - Holiday Set (2 of 2)
#3300020 - Holiday Set (1 of 2)
#3300014 - Christmas Set

#30164 - Lex Luther
#30166 - Robin Cycle
#5002126 - Martian Manhunter
#5000022 - The Hulk

#30201 - Ghost

#5002045 - Emmet
#5002203 - Robot DJ
#5002204 - Western Emmet

Also looking for any used Disney Cars sets, including Duplo.

And a loose Master Splinter and April O'Neil from the television show sets, not the movie sets.

And Disney Princess mini-dolls.  Merida, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Eric, etc.



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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.