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(US) FS - Multiple Sealed Sets - SW, Kingdom, Dino, POTC, Super Hero, Ninjago + More

vedder1029vedder1029 Member Posts: 78

Hey everyone!   I’m in the process of thinning out a bunch of sets (mainly sealed) before a big cross-country move.   I’ve bought and sold a handful of sets on here in the past, all without any issues.  I’m also on ebay (Vedder1029).

 I also have a TON of SW sets that I’m going through and deciding which ones I’d like to keep and sell.  So if you are looking for anything in particular please feel free to message me.  I have a bunch of UCS sets (all opened and built but 100% complete) Cloud City, Tie Intercepter, Vader's Tie, etc.

 I can send pictures of anything upon request!  All sets are sealed unless noted.  Paypal preferred.  Prices INCLUDE shipping (in the US) but I can bundle multiple sets and get you a cheaper rate.  Feel free to make me an offer as well.



#6918 (x10) -$18

#10223 -$120

#7188 (3) -$35


Super Hero

#6868 (x2) -$75

#6860 -$95



#5882 -$35

#5883 -$45

#5884 -$65

#5885 -$100

#5886 -$110

#5887 -$260

#5888 -$90



#4194 (x2) -$75

#4193 -$45

#4182 (x2) -$35



#9449 (x4) -$75



#9499 -$75

#7962 -$75

#7931 -$55

#7868 (x2) -$65

#7915 -$25

#7957 (x2) -$25

#9491 -$25

#7959 -$30

#75005 -$65



#79010 -$100

#10237 (opened and built – 100% complete with box) -$240


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.