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New Olive Green Color

sidersddsidersdd USAMember Posts: 2,432
edited November 2011 in Collecting
Some of the Dino sets have a new Olive Green color. One of the dinosaurs, and some of the figs have this color.

Comparison pic has tan and dark tan on the left, and green, dark green, sand green, and lime on the right.

Hello military MOCs!



  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,563
    Very nice!
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,384
    Love it ! I thought we were in store for olive green last year when I first saw Sarge from the Cars sets, but it turned out to be sand green. Looks like we really have it this time !
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    A beautiful color.
  • brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
    very cool! Now if we can just get torsos like this with the big "D" in the middle. I suppose Braso may be in order.
  • EricEric Queensland, AustraliaMember Posts: 376
    edited November 2011
    Is that figure a Chinese one? The texture of the plastic doesn't seem quite right.
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    ^^ It couldn't be. Its probably just the lightning. Chinese minifigs are distinctively different.
  • korkor Member Posts: 392
    I was going to pass on this line but now I'm thinking a handful of minifigs would be nice.
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