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(AU) Where to buy Lego?

themoobthemoob Member Posts: 5
So I've a thing for the Pirates and Castle lines. However finding anything from these lines seems to be a nightmare! Sadly I missed out on a bunch of great old Pirate sets today as I forgot to check my Ebay.

Is there anywhere else I can keep an eye on apart from Ebay for these kind of sets? 

I live rural so there's no garage sales worth noting around.

I'm just sad I can't spend mu tax money!


  • akunthitaakunthita Member Posts: 1,038
    Unless you really-really want a specific older set, I would suggest to focus on the new ones. This will save you significant time and money. There is a current Pirate line which looks quite nice, and there are rumors of a new Castle line coming in the near future. As far as where else to shop for LEGO besides eBay, is the largest online LEGO marketplace, completely dedicated to LEGO only.
  • themoobthemoob Member Posts: 5
    I've already got the new sets, hence the quest for the old! I sure hope there are new Castle sets coming.

    Makes me mad my dad threw out my 80s and 90s era Lego. Had so much old Pirates stuff!

    Thanks for the suggestion. 
    Check fbook for your state LUG join up, contribute, ask for entrance to their buy sell pages. There's also several Lego buy sell pages on fbook - you can certainly pick up older stuff (and also post wanted ads) I don't know Bricksets numbers on active Aussie Users and lurkers but it's fairly rare to see much Australian stuff on the BST pages here.
  • themoobthemoob Member Posts: 5
    What is a LUG exactly? 
    LEGO User Group - for example QLUG is the Queensland Lego User Group. If you use Facebook - use search term LEGO buy and it will give you a heap of results (can probably filter by proximity too) 
  • themoobthemoob Member Posts: 5
    Great thanks for that
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