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Bonus Pack/Value Pack discussion thread

LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 574
I thought this topic deserved it's own thread as it had wondered away and highjacked another thread drdesignz's  amazingly cool find.

Where we left off is whether the Bonus Pack/Value Pack sets were available individually or not.  My opinion is that aside from some renumbered sets they generally were not.  I'll expand on this later.


  • jpeg07jpeg07 Member Posts: 20
    I have an instance of one probably not just being available in a Bonus/Value Pack. 1572 Super Tow Truck, a pretty sought after (when boxed) set from 1986, is listed as US only on Brickset. This is incorrect since it was available in Canada as well (yes I have one) and it was also available, probably individually, in Europe too. I had a MISB European version that I sold on eBay a few years ago. It did not have glue residue on the back which the ones that were part of Bonus Packs often did. I bought it on eBay from a guy in the UK too.
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,363
    edited July 2015
    Let me repost this table (that was in the other thread) from my Unofficial Sets/Parts Collectors Guide... this is Chapter 11, and only the sets with number range of less than 2000 from 1980-90....  to use as a reference point.  I'm not guaranteeing that all of the info to be 100% accurate, since I've found some additional info since I last updated the guide...

    1980-90 LEGO Small Model Sets - Numbering System



    Set                                                                               Year                Where

    Number           Description                                         Intro               Sold *



    #1496   Rally Car Set (in #1509)                                 1987        USA/CAN/AUS

    #1497   Rally & Pit Crew Team Set (in #1509)           1987                AUS

    #1506   Town Value Pack (has #1528, #1572)            1986                ALL

    #1509   Town Value Pack (has #1496, #1497)            1987                ALL

    #1515   Town Value Pack (has #1517, #1518)            1989                ALL

    #1517   Race Car Set (in #1515)                                  1989           USA/CAN

    #1518   Race Car Repair Set (in #1515)                      1989           USA/CAN

    #1525   Container Truck Set (Special Offer)               1986       EU/USA/CAN/AS

    #1528   Dragster Set (Special Offer)                           1986         EU/USA/CAN

    #1572   Super Tow Truck Set (in #1506)                     1986                ALL

    #1630   Helicopter Set (Special Set)                            1990                EU

    #1631   Black Racer Set (Special Set)                         1990                EU

    #1632   Motor Boat Set (Special Set)                          1990                EU

    #1633   Loader Tractor Set (Special Set)                     1990                EU

    #1967   Value Pack (has #1959,#1969,#1970, #1971)1985                USA

    #1974   Legoland Triple Pack                                      1989           USA/CAN

    #1976   Town 3 Pack (has #6611#6628, #6629)       1984    EU/UK/AUS/CAN/AS

    #1978   Town Value Pack (has #6611,#6623,#6624)  1983                USA

    #1979   Town Value Pack (has #6621,#6628,#6805)  1984                USA

    #1997   Town Value Pack (has #6603,#6622,#6633)  1985                ALL

    * - Abbreviations

    USA = USA
    CAN = Canada
    EU = Continental Europe
    UK = Britain/Ireland
    AUS = Australia
    AS = Asia
    ALL = All locations

  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,363
    jpeg07..... according to my table.... your 1572 was sold as standalone and as part of the 1506 Town Value Pack.  So you are correct on that one.  I've got to verify what LusiferSam said... about the multi-packs being only produced from Enfield.  I thought some were produced for worldwide distribution.... but won't guarantee that until I've verified it with some of my reference notes.
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,363
    Opps.... I now see there were two 1967 multi-pack sets.... a 1985 Town Value Pack (6633, 6653, 6656) and a 1993 System Bonus Pack (1958, 1959, 1969, 1970, 1971).  

    I have the wrong one listed for 1985.   :o
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 574
    Sorry about the delay, I had a lot of thoughts I needed to organize for this.  This is a longer than normal post for, There maybe missed typos, misspellings or bad grammar, I’ll apologize for that now. I’m going to define a couple of things. First, Value Packs are single theme sets that are comprised of two or more previously, regularly released sets.  See Town Value Packs, Space Value Packs or Castle Packs for examples.  Second, Bonus Packs are sets that are multi-theme and generally did not include previously released sets. And finally renumbering, rereleasing, and repacking. Renumbering are sets that are identical but have two different numbers. Rereleasing is when a set is released again. Repacking is when a set is made part of a collection after its initial release. This includes many of the Value Packs from the 80s and many of the product collections of today.

    1974 has significantly more in common with the Bonus Packs 1675, 1476, 1891 and 1967 than it does the other items in the Miscellaneous category. Other than 1675 all of these came in a single box, rather than individual boxes, were a mix of themes and most all claimed a free set based on the price. Also nearly every other major database (LUGNET, BrickLink, and Peeron) lists 1974 with these other sets.  The one major difference is the that component sets were individually numbered.

    1675 is one of the most likely candidates to have its component sets be rereleased. This set was packaged in individual boxes on a backer card. Given that 1877 is so similar to 1680 it is very conceivable that 1875 and 1876 could of been renumbered or rereleased as individual sets. Given the fact that neither has had a similar set appear, it seems unlikely that one will. I am not overly familiar with these boxes, but I believe they generally show evidence of being part of the multipack.

    1476 was released as a single box with five bags for each of the sets. Each bag had the instructions for that set in them, similar to a polybag set today. Of the component sets I am aware that 1477 was renumbered as 6509 and released in its own box. I'm not sure how 6509 was sold, but I do recall receiving this set as part of a Lego Club present. I'm not aware of any of the other component sets being renumbered or rereleased in single boxes. That's not to say that a rerelease didn't happen, but to date I'm not aware of any single boxes turning up.

    The component sets of 1891 were almost certainly never rereleased as individual sets. The packaging is a single box with the individual sets in clear polybags with a single instruction booklet. The instructions would have to have been reprinted after being reformatted to be released as individuals. While it is quite doable, it seems unlikely given the overlap between the instructions of the component sets. None of the component sets were ever renumbered or repacked in other packs.

    1967 returned to the format of a single box with multiple clear polybags with individual instructions in each of the bags. I am not aware of any of the component sets being renumbered, rereleased, or repacked. Again individual boxes, to the best of my knowledge, have not been found.

    1900 is an interesting set in that there seems to be very little the people know about it. The component sets have all been renumbered and released at different points. The component sets also have all shown up in individual boxes. I would need to dig a couple of boxes that I have out to see if they show evidence of being glued together as a multipack or whether they were shrink-wrapped, as some later multipacks were. Unlike the earlier Bonus Packs, 1900 was not advertised in that year's in pack catalog. I am unsure how the set was sold, where it was sold and whether the component sets were sold individually or not.

    I’m not saying I’m completely right and that the end.  I’m giving what I know of these sets, that’s all.  I would love to proven wrong on a number of these items.  If someone posts the a photo of an individual box or renumbered instructions that’s great, it’s new information.  And new info is always good in my book.
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,363
    I have to go find my notes on these.... since I'm bringing my collectors guide up from 1949-1990 to 1949-2002.

    Here's a LEGO retailer guide page from 1987 showing many sets that probably ended up as part of some of these multi-packs.

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