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[USA] 19 castle kingdoms and lord of the rings sets - trade for classic pirates

GrunenheiserGrunenheiser Member Posts: 4
Hello everyone! I am looking to let go of all my castle theme sets. I would love to trade them for a bulk pirate lot, but cash is always accepted too.  The sets include:
6008 royal king
6009 black knight
6020 Magic shop
6034 black monarchs ghost (no instructions)
6048 majistos magical workshop
6054 forestmens hideout 
6086 black Knights castle (missing several basic bricks)
7189 mill village raid
7955 wizard
9469 gandalf arrives
9471 Uruk-hai army
9472 attack on weathertop
10193 medieval market village
10223 kingdoms joust (not in photos, but currently fully assembled)
10237 tower of orthanc 
79000 riddles for the ring
79003 an unexpected gathering
79006 the council of elrond
79012 mirkwood elf army

there may also be a couple sets I have missed.

So as you can see, the caveat here is that all the sets are disassembled and a bit jumbled up. I do not have time to sort and rebuild them so I consider your hassle in the price. Also because of this I must keep the lot together. Thanks for looking! $750 or best offer/trade.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.