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6399 FINALLY!!! (Airport shuttle)

SupraTTSupraTT Member Posts: 8
Ok, so I've been going through my childhood lego collection from the 80s-90s and along the way I've picked up a few bulk lots to give my children a few sets I never had, and there was one I NEVER thought I'd come across (and would never buy complete due to the nearly $400+ price tag), but I came across some track, stanchions, and monorail base and assumed that with all the futron stuff it was yet another 6990 to add to my 3 others (lol), but then I started seeing some bricks and canopies with "flight schedule" and transit stickers and though, well I'll look at the parts list for 6399 just for grins...sure enough they are for the elusive airport shuttle! I'm not all the way through the 30+ pounds, but it looks like most parts are there but no motor and no red motor cover :( (yeah won't be buying one of those covers for 50 bucks....) anyway, looks like I can now have this set for my sons, yay!  Those who have this set feel free to chime in on pointers of which parts to keep close track of (ie what's rare, aside from the battery box in red and the decals??).  No pics yet but may post some when I get more sorted.  Here's a pic of a few things we pulled out of my main collection a few days ago though ;)

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