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Stuff for sale - SoCal

ludzikludzik Member Posts: 429

I have a fair amount of figs for sale as well as some parts.  I am very good with keeping the shipping costs down.  I am US based and will ship to anywhere in the world.  $ by paypal as friends and family transfer, otherwise I will add the paypal fee to the cost of the transaction.  All my shipments have tracking number on them.  The more you buy the more I am open to negotiation :) 

Lego Movie
Sir Stackabrick x 2 $3 each
Gallant Guard x 2 $3 each
Sharon Shoehorn x2 $4.50 each

The Hobbit

Bard the Bowman x1 $6 each
Tauriel x1 $5.50 each
Bard the Bowman x2 $5 each
Thorin Oakenshield x2 $11 each
Dain Ironfoot x2 $11.75 each (9.50 each without the helmet)
Azog x2 $9.75 each
Legolas x2 $4.75 each Orc x2 $3.25 each

Super Heroes

The Sakaran x1 $3

Star Lord x1 $9.50

Gamora x1 $11

Ronan the Accuser x1 $10.50

Drax x1 $10.50

used parts (good condition) 
Beorn torso x1 $2.50 each 
Black Falcon shield (yellow) x4 $1.50 each 


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.