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Lego Technic Model Number 8479

HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
My mum has just brought back the model mentioned above from a family's house  and I have had a little peek at it but it needs A LOT of cleaning I am hoping that it will  clean up nicely so that I am able to build it the box looks quite old however having a quick flick through the instructions a lot of the pieces look the same/similar to today's technic models I will be researching this model at some point but can anyone give me some information on this model?


  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,662
    I remember a friend had it. though can't really say much, must be at least 10 years ago. I think it's the only remote controlled model I've seen.
  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    I have taken a couple of pictures which I'll upload later
  • Maxime_1987Maxime_1987 Member Posts: 34   Here all the info you need!

  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    thanks guys all the pieces have been washed and come up well the only problem is the battery box/motor is corroded and the wires inside are not salvageable so I was wondering if it could be changed and the power functions used on new Lego sets can be put in instead? Any help would be appreciated 
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 571
    Is it the motor or the battery box?  The battery box would be easy to replace, the motor may cost a lot more.

    I'm not completely sure that you could replace a 9V motor with a power functions one. The issue is 9V motors and battery boxes were often structural to the model. Now that's not to say that you couldn't rebuild the set incorporating a power functions motor, but that's not really the same thing as a substitution.

  • jon11380jon11380 Member Posts: 56
    I would have thought the motor would be ok, I suspect the problem is where the bar code reader is. Battery box from set 4895 (via bricklink). Should get some functionality.

    However it is the barcode reader that is essential to this set, I do not own it, but I understand from reviews that it is a bit of a weak link in the set.
  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    I'll upload pictures later 
  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    hi Guys here are some pictures from the set 
  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    @LusiferSam i have put pictures on 
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,076
    All but the barcode reader are easily replaced from the likes of BrickLink.

    The barcode reading aspects of the set are interesting but not that impressive and once you've played with them a couple of times you'd be bored of them, so don't sweat if it doesn't work.
  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    @Huw its a family member set which has been brought over to my house to be cleaned and i'm going to rebuild it for him once i have made sure all the bits are there 
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