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[UK/WW] FT Polybags for Animals

ShibShib Member Posts: 5,459
Excuse the strange title, but I'm looking to trade some of my surplus polybags for moulded animal parts.

For postage I would prefer to trade in the UK but would be will to trade worldwide for the right deal.

All polys are new and sealed, as I'm after specific pieces I realise they are likely to be used, so when PMing offers please include a description of part quality. Most of the polys I have multiples available, the only exceptions are Electro and Flower Cart which I have one of each.

I have available: 

#5002125 - Electro 

#5002144 - Dareth vs. Nindroid 

#40140 - Flower Cart 

#30244 - Anakin's Jedi Interceptor 

#30274 - AT-DP 

#30271 - Mikey's Mini-Shellraiser

#30281 - Micro Manager Battle

#30282 - Super Secret Police Enforcer

#30303 - The Joker Bumper Car 

#30264 - Frax' Phoenix Flyer 

#30265 - Worriz' Fire Bike 

#30251 - Winzar's Pack Patrol 

I would like:

I will consider trades for just about any type of moulded animal parts (with the exception of Duplo animals) but listed are a few examples of those that I am more interested in actively seeking - I've tried to link all of them to a relevant reference page)

4530672: Shark 8X16 No 1 

6122111: Shark 8X16 + 6119446: Shark Head "No.2" (Robot shark from #70172 - AntiMatter's Portal Hideout)

6063332: Animal No 18 "No 1" (Newest Polar Bear)

4653324: Bear "No. 1"

4578113: Camel "No.1"

Any classic dragons - any colours but would prefer with wings


Any Dinosaurs from the Jurassic World or 2012 Dino themes

Any older/odd theme animals e.g Belville/Scala

Basically if you have any moulded animals that you'd like to offer for any of the polybags, shoot me a PM and if it's something I'm interested in we can work out a deal.


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