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Ford Taunus, Citroën DS 19 and two vw vans

VincentVincent Member Posts: 2
Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum, but signed up as soon as I came across it. Lately I dug up some 1:87 cars from my sons legobox, (which used to be mine partly...), and since he doesn't really play with them, I wrung them through the internet, and came up here, because someone said the citroën is so hard to come by... 
Well... I have one on offer. Unfortunately this one is slightly damaged, the left frontwheel bracket that keeps the axel down is broken off, but that happened some 35 years ago... I have not cleaned any of the cars, haven't tinkered with them, that's for the real diehards I think... The VW vans and the Ford Taunus are used, but in fine condition, they only got a bit dirty in forty odd years. The Ford is a nicely aged off-white now, makes it look rather cool really.
anyway, I'm no collector in this area, but thought some of you might appreciate it if I offered them here for sale, rather than flog them on ebay.
Have a look at the pic, and make a bid for one or all of them, but I'm not such a fool not to ask you to be reasonable in your bidding...
Hope to hear from you, and keep saving the good stuff for future generations!


  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,363
    edited July 2015
    @Vincent I'm surprised you haven't been told to put these up in Brickset Marketplace.

    But let me give you a little bit of advice.... you do need to clean these up yourself.  Most buyers of these very highly collectible 1:87 LEGO cars (1961-67) are loathe to buy LEGO cars/trucks with surprises.  And stains that won't come off is one of those.

    If I may suggest:.....  do NOT immerse these in water... those metal wheels and axles should stay dry.  I would suggest taking some liquid dishsoap and put it into a shallow bowl, and add a little bit of water.  Use Q-Tips, and very gently rub the dirty areas of the cars with the Q-Tips in warm dishwater with a high concentration of dish soap.  Wipe it down with a soft cloth, and see how it looks.  If need be repeat the process several times.  Once it looks clean, then use Q-Tips with water only to get all soap residue off the cars. Put them under a fan for at least 15 minutes.... to dry any water that may have seeped between the vehicle and windows portion.

    You will have a much easier time selling vehicles that look nice and clean, even if they are worn.  LEGO 1:87 cars are not like antique furniture, where leaving it touched is very imporant.   There is no "patina" on LEGO 1:87 cars that makes them worth more... especially if it's just dirt.

    P.S.  Do pay attention to the headlights of the non VW vehicles.  These are known to come out, so if this happens while cleaning them, make sure to retrieve them and either glue them in yourself, or save them for a buyer to do, if you don't think you have the dexterity to do so yourself.  Having the small clear headlights on the front of the car is important for buyers... even if they have already come out.
  • VincentVincent Member Posts: 2
    Dear Istokg, thanks for the advise!
    I'll see if I'm geek enough to delete this thread, and put it up on the Brickset marketplace, after I've cleaned them ofcourse. Cleaning them sounds like touching up a dirty painting, which ís my area of expertise. I did notice that the axles of one of the vw vans are slightly coroded, but it is still rolling alright... 
    Anyway, it was never intended to post something in the wrong place, so thanks again for the tollerance and the kind advice!
    I really don't do this to make easy money, I just would like toys that I've played with all these years back to end up in the right hands, I've cherised them for long enough to care about it, and if that brings some money in, it's just a very nice perk for me. Sounds very soggy and sentimental, but there you go. Toys for me are to play with, God knows my son's now playing with vintage DinkyToys that collectors probably would give a leg and an arm for, but he's enjoying them, and that's the main thing. Maybe I'll dig up some more old Lego in due course that he won't play with, so you might find that on the marketplace site one day...
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