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'Lego tries to build a better brick' news article

I don't know if anyone has seen the article posted today about how lego are trying to change the way there bricks are made so they can be more eco friendly company but it makes for interesting reading the only downside is that the research and process will take 15 years


  • Diamondback_SixDiamondback_Six Member Posts: 430
    Um, there might be another downside... how will it impact brick longevity? Will I still have a reasonable expectation of being able to pass my own LEGO from when I was not far out of diapers on to my children and grandchildren, or are they going to be more like how Hasbro does things and "biodegrade" and fall apart after a few years?
  • DoubleDDoubleD Member Posts: 488
    edited July 2015
    They will last forever mint in box. But as soon as the hit air they have a life of 4 years 7 months and 19 days. So no more air hole plastics bags for our minifigs to breath, hopefully they will be ok.
  • Diamondback_SixDiamondback_Six Member Posts: 430
    *stares* NOT funny... some of us like to keep our collections built for display. And I'd bet LEGO isn't about to invest in upgrading to hermetically sealed airtight boxes...

  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    In a previous life I was a project manager for Alcoa/Renoylds packaging division. Fancy word for we extruded plastic. We were a test plant for whatever weird plastics they wanted to make. We had some government contracts and such. One of the more interesting plastics we extruded into sheets was a 100% decomposable plastic. It was made from sugars and starches and was meant for packaging for foods with a limited shelf life berries and veggies and such. You could literally see that plastic start wilting after about a month. Very neat . We did test runs for several months then poof it was gone.
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