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Box art background images

MojoestMojoest UKMember Posts: 473
I've tried a couple of searches but drawn a blank, so not sure if this has been covered before, but I was wondering if somewhere out there there is a readily available source of the background images TLG uses on their boxes / the artwork it puts together for its sets?

The reason I ask is because I've just bought the new SH Jokerland #76035 set and would like to set up a display. I'm fairly limited on space to display and my chosen spot is on a bookcase. Whilst a perfectly nice bookcase, an oak veneer doesn't exactly sit perfectly as the backdrop to a Batman scene. 

What does sit well however, (in my opinion), is the image TLG has chosen to use on the box. I have managed to find a pretty hi res version of the image, with a wider view than on the box: 

Obviously the image above, must have started life as at least two layers, the set and the background. Does anyone know if somewhere on Lego servers, like the archive of set instructions, or somewhere else, set background art such as this (or at the moment, specifically this one), can be found?

I'm guessing it might be a long shot, as why would TLG decide to freely giveaway their work, but I have seen that they do something along those lines here: 


  • CrownieCrownie WA StateMember Posts: 228
    I've always loved the idea of finding backgrounds to display with sets, though over the years that I've looked I've always come up pretty empty. Aside from doing the graphics work yourself or farming it out, I'm not sure what options are available. There is some pretty cool stock imagery online if you look long enough, so it could also just be a matter of time and patience. :smile: 
  • MojoestMojoest UKMember Posts: 473
    Thanks. Good to know its not just me not searching correctly. Pity that there might not be an easy way. There are two images I have found which show different parts of the background so I might try layering those up in photoshop and seeing what I can do. 

    And I've noticed the link i posted doesn't seem to work. so here is the image I was referring to: 
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