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The sorting methodology thread!!



  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,442
    @Kavster asked about what method I use on the LEGO status thread, so...

    In anticipation of moving house I decided to try to spend the majority of my LEGO time sorting and have come to a point where I find it actually quite relaxing with the setup I have.

    To store sorted LEGO I have several 35l Really Useful Boxes with sorting trays inside. As there are over a dozen trays I can't sit with a big box of random parts and throw each part straight into the revenant tray compartment (or I'd forever be moving trays around) so I use a two part process.

    I have about 8 plastic containers - they were boxes that pick and mix sweets come in (very useful as they have nice firm lids that click on when not in use and stack really nicely) 

    Into these I do an initial sort, so parts get divided into:

    -Basic Bricks

    -Curved/sloped elements


    -Plates (initially tiles and plates were going into the same box, but I found that this box would fill quicker than all the others)

    -Technic Parts

    -Plants/'natural' decoration parts (e.g spider webs and bones)


    -Also use one of the McDonalds Happy Meal LEGO Movie cups for single stud parts.

    Once the boxes are starting to look full I switch to sorting the parts from the boxes into the segmented trays - the majority of these are from the RUBs but I do have a few other sized boxes too - bought some Loom band kits for £1 each, gave all the loom stuff to a friend and use the trays for certain parts.

    One big thing I've found is that the need for more separation of parts tends to grow with a collection, so in a way I wish I'd started using the phase one a lot earlier in my collecting and just separate stuff down more as it's grown, but fortunately I quite enjoy sorting at the moment with this setup and find it quite relaxing. It can feel a bit endless, but at the same time, my massive box of unsorted stuff is noticeably emptier than it was about a month ago!
  • KavsterKavster London, UKMember Posts: 75
    Awesome! Thanks for that!
    With what I've got, I've managed to sort into colours so far.
    I found this easier as I was basically filtering out non Lego parts.

    Now I can actually start sorting, in a similar way to how you've suggested, with the confidence it's ALL Lego.

    FYI - I filtered out, modestly, at least 800~ megablocks. I'll be sorting that lot using the famous 'B1N' system.
  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,442
    For my needs sorting by type of part is far superior to sorting by colour - I do have some parts (those which I have a lot of) further sorted down by colour...but when building it's generally a case of the shape or function of a part needing to be exact, and the colour could work as one of several colours. Each to their own though, I do like seeing parts that have been colour sorted, there is something quite satisfying in how a box of all one colour, but lots of different parts can look.
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