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Moving Clear Out Sale, sets from multiple themes - [US]

BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,634
In anticipation of moving in a few months I am clearing out some sets. Prices do not include shipping. PM if interested.


Family House #31012 (sealed) $72

Furry Creatures #31021(sealed) $12

Small Cottage #31009 (sealed) $20

Gear Grinders #4883 (used, no box, in good condition) $10

Sopwith Camel #10226 (sealed) $150


Vladek's Dark Fortress #8877 (used, 100%, good condition, no box) $100


Adventure Camper - #3184 (used, good condition, some stickers not applied, 100% otherwise) $25

City Park Cafe - #3061(sealed in bags but no box) $30

Olivia's House - #3315 (sealed) $55


Winter Village Market #10235 (used, excellent condition) $90

Pumpkin Poly #40055 (used, 100%, 2 available) $4

Witch Poly #40032 (sealed) $4

Star Wars -

Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers #7962 (used, 100%, great condition) $50

Assassin Droids Battle Pack #8015 (used, 100%, great condition) $7

AT-AP Walker - #7671(used, 100%, great condition) $30

Dual on Geonosis #75017 (sealed) $40

Imperial Dropship #7667 (used, 100%, great condition) $24

Jabba's Sail Barge #75020 (used, 100%, great condition) $85

Luke's Landspeeder #8092 (sealed bags, no box) $27


Kraang Lab Escape #79100 (sealed) $9

City -

Arctic Base Camp #60036 (used, 100%, great condition, stickers still new on sheet) $59

Arctic Scout Plane Poly #30310 (sealed) $3

Fire Truck #60002 (sealed) $13

Diesel Freight Train Set #7720 (used, 100%, great condition, box included.) $85

Ultra Agents -

Hurricane Heist #70164 (sealed) $37

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