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Hi I'm Hale and I'm a legoaholic

HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
 I first got into Lego in May 2015 and so far have a small but growing collection of cars and vehicles i enjoy building the Technic models best and prefer bigger kits. it started with me buying the speed champions sets and i enjoyed building them so much that my love for Lego started and its now starting to take over my life but its a fantastic hobby and i love every second of it the only issue i have now is one which i think many AFOL's out there will have experienced which is quite simply - which will run out first my money or the number of Lego sets on my wanted list



  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,679
    or the display space? hello.
  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    hello @Fauch  yes that as well :)
  • brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
    Welcome Hale! Congrats on entering the hobby.
  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    Thanks @brickupdate  :) I'm loving it so much more than I imagined 
  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,492
    The number of LEGO sets on your want list will never run out.

    The amount of space will always run out, but you'll always find inventive ways to squeeze in one more set on the crowded shelf.

    Your money for LEGO will never run out, but you'll soon find budgeting for food and water just isn't as important anymore. 

    Welcome to the life of an AFOL. 
  • ZooMotorPoolZooMotorPool Member Posts: 12
    Hello Hale.

    Good to see someone like me. I too got my very own LEGO around May 2015, the MINI Cooper Mk.VII. Before that I was collecting Shell's exclusive around April 2015. As a petrolhead, I am contemplating between starting with Speed Champions or the regular City sets first. But eventually I chose City, because the stickers and the price of the Speed Champions series is the deciding factor.

    But like I've said in my reviews, I am an absentee for 17 years. My last set was the 1997 Divers theme, and the only completely surviving theme in my display. Do you have any previous experience with LEGO?

    Currently I am targeting myself to only acquire one set per week. I aim to hoard all the 6-studs wide trucks, the new Construction/Demolition theme.

    I hope you enjoy this hobby.
  • HaleAFOLHaleAFOL Member Posts: 58
    Hello to you @ZooMotorPool nice to hear from you i went for the speed champions sets first because i am a massive car fan and so i decided to base my Lego builds around cars and vehicles. when i was younger i was never really into Lego that much it is only recently that i took up Lego as a hobby for something to do in my spare time to keep myself busy and its snowballed from there. 

    i will be buying sets as and when they are released or i see one that i like and can afford, sets i currently want include 

    Ferrari F40 
    Mercedes Acrocs Truck 3245 
    and a couple of other trucks 
    i am also trying to decide whether or not to buy The Big Bang Theory set when its released as i am a fan of the show but i think it may look out of place being displayed

    nice to hear from you 

  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515
    Welcome! I´m sure u won´t run out of lego sets on your wanted list. When u complete something, u´ll always find something new (and what comes to Lego themes, completing some collection is usually nearly impossible) :)
  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,679
    I completed the time twisters collection. yeah I know, not a huge achievement XD
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