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WTB: Minifigures UK/WW

JawascrumpJawascrump Member Posts: 112
Here's my current wants list, I'm happy to buy or trade- I have sealed sets and lots of minifigures. I'm based in Herefordshire. 

** denotes priority 
* denotes not quite as much of a priority but I still want them...
No * denotes this system of ranking 'wants' doesn't really work. 

Batman 1:
Alfred *
Bane *
Bruce Wayne *
Cat woman
The Joker

Tumbler Batman
Bruce Wayne
Electro polybag *
Iron Patriot *
Mr Freeze
Plastic Man
Super boy *
Super girl
The Joker Prison Jumpsuit
Tony Stark
Two Face **

Series 4:
Series 8:
Vampire Bat
Series 9:
Alien Avenger
Forest Maiden
Hollywood Starlet
Roller dearby girl

Harry Potter:
Dumbledore Pink light flesh
Fred/ George Weasley
Viktor Krum
Voldemort glow in the dark

Davy Jones

Spider-Man 1/2
Green Goblin- both versions

UCS Slave 1 Fett
Chrome C3PO loose or bagged
Captain Antilles
Han Hoth poly
Lando Cloud City
Luke Cloud City
Leia Cloud City
Queen Amidala red dress
Original Watto

Splinter *
Shredder 79117 & 79122
The Krang

Hobbit/ LOTR
Blue Coat Bilbo



  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 2,833
    If you're happy to buy, you might be best off trying bricklink. I doubt people are going to have spares of some of these that they're willing to part with. But I'd imagine figs like TMNT Leonardo should be cheap enough being a fairly recent and not that popular theme.
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