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Technic Cheatsheet v1.0

prophet05prophet05 United Kingdom, NottinghamMember Posts: 7
Hello Everyone,

for quite some time I have been looking for a nice cheatsheet when building/sorting Lego Technic. I always needed some parts laying by my side for measuring purposes and when grabbing axles or beams I often end up counting studs. Not to talk about thinking gear ratios...

Since I only found one proper cheatsheet (from Tom Alphin) so far and that IMHO was still missing some features, I designed my own one this weekend (based on Tom Alphins basic layout). Core features:

  • Stud and Brick rulers in 2 dimensions
  • Axle and Beam size charts
  • Angles for angled connectors and angled beams
  • Basic brick measurements
  • Stud and Non-Stud combination reminder
  • Triangle beam connection reference
  • Gear tooth counts
  • Common gear ratios
  • DIN A4 size (Toms had an odd format)
  • 2 pages for front and back of paper sheet

When printed on DIN A4 (without scaling or additional print borders) it should match all depicted parts by millimeter. I suggest printing and laminating ;)

Does anybody have suggestions for improvement or missing features?

Best wishes!



  • tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 248
    @prophet05 , you offered some really good suggestions and I like the addition of a second page.  If you are interested, I would like to update my official sheet to include this new info, and of course give credit for expanding on these ideas.

  • prophet05prophet05 United Kingdom, NottinghamMember Posts: 7
    @henrysunset , sure go ahead :)
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