Meeting a LEGO Designer ... and speaking gibberish like the fanboy I am!

MrjustinwinnMrjustinwinn Astwood Bank, RedditchMember Posts: 5
I was travelling to Alesund, Norway today with work which takes me via Amsterdam. I was sat enjoying my coffee when I recognised Michael Fuller (I believe Senior) LEGO Designer at LEGO having seen the recent documentary on Channel 4.

I introduced myself after checking who he was and then I descended into spewing all things LEGO into the conversation. I'm normally an articulate guy but I turned into a 9 year old boy (rather than a 44 year old) while we spoke briefly about building again, the sets I'd had for Father's Day, dreams jobs, Ninjago, Legends of Chima and his origins in car design.

Made my day! Thoroughly nice chap!


  • mr_bennmr_benn United KingdomMember Posts: 834
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    I am quite sure he would have been quite flattered to have been recognised, it certainly seemed from the documentary that one of the key requirements to be a designer is a good communicator and listener too so I'm sure they're all very friendly!

    He might have been pleased not to have been sitting next to you for a whole flight though :smiley: (though it would have given a good opportunity to ask why they don't do good airline exclusive sets anymore!)
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