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Rewards/Discounted Gift Cards at [email protected] / Lego Retail Store

groundedgrounded Member Posts: 73
Besides the obvious ways (2x VIP, free exclusive polys, etc...), does anyone have a strategy for getting any type of rewards for buying Lego store gift cards, or using [email protected]? I can get rewards (free gas / credit card points) at grocery stores for buying gift cards to places like Amazon, Target or Toys R Us. Yet, I've never see Lego gift cards at these types of places. Closest that I've found is getting 2 points for every dollar I spend at [email protected] via my Hilton Honors account. I know that I can't be the cheapest person on this forum! Any tips?!?


  • willkfwongwillkfwong Member Posts: 44
    You can use cash back portals when shopping online. Ebates give 2.5% cashback for the lego store.
  • neomonkeyneomonkey Member Posts: 82
    Discover cards give you 5% cashback on [email protected] purchases.
  • groundedgrounded Member Posts: 73
    So, buying from [email protected] with a Discover card while following the link from EBates and living in a sales tax-free state? That's like an instant 15% off, I just need to convince the spouse that we should move to DE or NH :smiley: Thanks for the advice so far.
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