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Sealed bionicles from 2001!

cas_zutphencas_zutphen Member Posts: 7
edited June 2015 in Marketplace

Selling sealed bionicle sets from the first wave and introduction of Bionicle from 2001!

When interested please send me an e-mail for faster response: [email protected]

Kanohi mask bags 8530-1     - 10 euro each (very rare)

Toa mata:

Onua 8532               35.- euro

Gali 8533                 35,- euro



Vakama 8540             15,- euro

Matau 8541                15,- euro

Onewa 8542               15,- euro

Nokama 8543             15,- euro

Nuju 8544                  15,- euro

Whenua 8545             15,- euro



Nui-Jaga 8548                                  75,- euro

Nui-Rama 8537 (box has lot of wear)   70,- euro          

Tarakava 8549                                  80,- euro


Used items:

All 6 toa mata used with cannister and instructions 10,- euro each only tahu 12,- euro       


  • natro220natro220 Member Posts: 545
    This should have been posted to the Marketplace...
  • prevereprevere Member Posts: 2,923
    At the height of the Bionicles...and after the original Tahu retired. A sealed #8534 cannister sold for $300 on the bay. That was a jaw dropper.
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