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Issues accessing via iPhone.

tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,987
has anyone else had issues accessing the forum via iPhone lately? I noticed it sometime in the last week, but thought the forum was down. Today, I realized it is just my iPhone. It is fine on my iPad or computer.  I try to go to the forum, and I get
Something has gone wrong
We've run into a problem and are unable to handle this request  right now.
Please check back in a little while.

I have tried Safari and Chrome, and even tried rebooting. Did something change recently? I have been accessing the forum for years on my phone. 

I tried ies searching the forum to see if anyone else is having this issue, but I see nothing.


  • BuoernyBuoerny Member Posts: 16
    It seems to be an issue with the specific mobile view rather than with accessing the forum on a mobile.  Requesting desktop view on Google Chrome on an Android phone works. If that is deselected I get the message that something doesn't work.
  • BuoernyBuoerny Member Posts: 16
    Then again, switching back to mobile I now have no problem - perhaps a switch to and from desktop view on your phone is the answer.
  • tamamahmtamamahm Member Posts: 1,987
    Okay, then. Quite weird. I did absolutely nothing and it is now working fine....yet yesterday no matter what I tried it would not work.  Perhaps whatever mystically resolved is why your mobile now also works. 
  • MorkManMorkMan Member Posts: 900
    @tamamahm I had the same problem and contacted Huw. It works now. I'm in the USA in Phoenix - is it regional?
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