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New (ish) to LEGO

readersamreadersam Member Posts: 62
Hi, my name is Sam. I am new to the forum and brickset and relatively new to LEGO. I did not really play with LEGO as a child, except for a few mini-sets that I got in McDonald's Happy Meals. However, I am a huge Harry Potter fan and when LEGO came out with the Harry Potter theme, I had to get them all. I built the sets and played with them and had a blast. I discovered that I really enjoyed both the building and the playing. I then took a hiatus while I was getting settled in my new job. Last month, I discovered the Disney Princess line and while building them I remembered how much fun I had building the Harry Potter sets. I have since purchased the Elves line and am currently in the process of getting as many of the Friends sets as I can. I am not a collector, but rather more a builder/player, so that's the sets that I have been drawn to. I enjoy the look of the buildings (architecture?) but can't envision playing with them so I have not purchased any of them. I joined the forum for the fun of discussing LEGO with other adults/kids at heart.


  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313
    Hi and welcome to the forum!  I too loved the Harry Potter sets  (and and a huge Harry Potter fan in general).  You'll find you're in good company here!  
  • readersamreadersam Member Posts: 62
    Thanks for the welcome. I am learning a lot just reading the threads. 
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 Member Posts: 360
    You've come to right place and welcome.
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