Toys R Us Lego Build for June: Jurassic World

dannyrwwdannyrww WisconsinMember Posts: 1,332 I've been searching for days as I've figured out the pattern somewhat. They always do a build on Father's Day Weekend. Looks like it will be a Jurassic World Gate. Hope it comes with a Dino though I doubt it.


  • dannyrwwdannyrww WisconsinMember Posts: 1,332
    I just saw that on facebook after I left here....looks nice...needs tiny dinos
  • SirBenSirBen In the Hall of the Mountain KingMember Posts: 551
    edited June 2015
    See #850843 for a tiny dino model, and the Lego Univers wiki has pictures of others.
  • prevereprevere North of Bellville, East of Heartlake, South of Bricksburg, West of Ninjago City Member Posts: 2,876
    I've noticed from previous TRU builds with rare printed parts - Bricklink has not included in their inventory (Captain America emblem tiles). Wonder if they'll include the printed tile with Jurassic? Sure to be ultra rare in a short time.
  • Coolguy5000Coolguy5000 Ireland Member Posts: 1,520
    So lucky  you  guys  in the us. Would  be happy  to  trade for  one if someone  got  a spare 
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