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Target has Lego coupons and Heroica Fortaan marked down

Metaljunkie87Metaljunkie87 Member Posts: 4
edited November 2011 in Shopping USA/Canada
Hey everyone, first time posting here. I just got back from the Target in Niles, Ohio and they have Heroica Fortaan marked down to $19.99 from the normal price of $29.99. They also have a toy catalog handout in the Toys section with a coupon for $5 off certain Lego games including Heroica Fortaan which brings the price down to $14.99. Unfortunately I didn't think to write down what all Lego games the coupon is good for so if someone else could let everyone know that would be great.

There is another coupon that gives $5 off the following sets:
3661 (City Police Bank & Money Transfer)
8638 (Cars 2 Spy Jet Escape)
7877 (Star Wars Naboo Starfighter)
4866 (Harry Potter The Knight Bus)
2520 (Ninjago Ninja Battle Arena)
7553 (City Advent Calendar)
7067 (Alien Conquest Jet-Copter Encounter)

The coupons are valid until November 23.


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