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(WW)ROLLOVER Free Stormtrooper Sergeant Poly + free choice of another Starwars Poly

bendybadgerbendybadger ::1Member Posts: 1,141
Here goes another freebie giveaway. Thanks to @Legoboy It's a Rollover!

This time to make it simpler the rules are as follows. Simply post a "yes please" or similar comment to be entered into the draw. 

This is based on the UK national lottery bonus ball.

1st comment gets number 1 up until the end of the first page where the last person gets number 49.  So we should have a full page of yes pleases. There are only 49 places so if you are on the second page and all has gone smooth then you are out of luck and will have to wait till the next giveaway

Winner gets a #5002938 Stormtrooper Sergeant and 1 addtional poly from this list
#8033 General Grievous Starfighter
#8031 V-19 Torrent
#8028 TIE Fighter
#30052 AAT
#30247 ARC 170 Starfighter
#30246 Imperial Shuttle
#30054 AT ST
#30055 Vulture Droid
#30051 Mini X Wing
#30053 Republic Attack Cruiser
#30056 Star Destroyer

Good luck all



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