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[UK] FT/FS Various CMFs, Minifigures, Polys and Sets

MojoestMojoest Member Posts: 477
Due to the Character limit on posts I've had to split this up into three posts. Minifigs for trade and sale, polys and sets for trade and sale and then my trade wanted lists.

I have the following CMFs for trade or sale all new and sealed unless stated otherwise

Simpsons 2
Comic Book Guy

Series 13
Hot Dog Guy x3
Carpenter x2

Series 12
Hun Warrior

Simpsons 1
Homer (opened - New)
Maggie x2 
Itchy x2 

The Lego Movie
Taco Tuesday Guy x4
Abraham Lincoln
President Business
Shakespeare x2
Where's my pants Guy

Series 11
Saxaphone Player x2
Barbarian (opened - New)
Grandma x2
Scarecrow (sealed)
Gingerbread man

Series 10
Paintballer (opened - New)

Series 4
Kimono Girl (opened - New)


I also have the following without their packaging, base or leaflet, but with all their accessories unless stated in good condition with no signs of play:

Series 1
Skater (Small mark to chin)

President Business
Panda Guy

Series 11
Gingerbread man
Mountain climber x2

Series 10
Roman Commander
Paint Baller

Series 9
Heroic Knight

Series 8
Football player
Pirate Captain

Series 7
Ocean King
Bunny Suit guy x2
Aztec warrior
Daredevil x2
Tennis Ace
grandma visitor

Series 6
Minotaur (his axe bar is 4 long not 3)

Series 5
detective x2
Cave Girl
Egyptian Queen
Fitness Instructor
Ice Fisherman
Royal Guard
Small Clown
Snowboarder Guy

Series 4
The Monster

Series 3
Space Alien
Gorilla Suit Guy
Mummy (no scorpion)

Series 2
Circus Ringmaster


Various theme figures:

Star Wars
Han Solo (Celebration) SW356 (New sealed blister from book)
General Grievous SW134 With cape and light sabers (2 light green and 2 light blue)
Ewok, Tan Hood (Paploo)

Harry Potter
hp094: Harry Potter, Gryffindor Stripe and Shield Torso, Black Legs

Super Heroes (displayed no accessories other than capes where appropriate for the figure but in excellent condition)
Chitauri Alien Foot soldier SH030 
The Mandarin SH074 
Batman Black Suit and type 2 cowl sh016a x2
Batman Black Suit and type 2 cowl sh016a (brand new) 
Batman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit with Copper Belt SH064 
Batman - Electro Suit SH046 x2 
Arctic Batman SH047  
The Sakaaran SH120 (with weapon)
The Penguin BAT010 (2 hairline cracks on back of torso)
Batman - Black Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest (Type 1 Cowl) sh016
Spider-Man - Black Web Pattern SH038
J. Jonah Jameson SH054
Lex Luthor SH012

Pirates of the Caribbean
Blackbeard POC007 (with gold chalice and two colour sword) 
Scrum POC023 (with flaming torch and sword)
King George's Officer POC018 (with sword and holder)
Gunner Zombie POC014 (with sword and holder)
Yeoman Zombie POC027 (with sword and holder)
Captain Jack Sparrow POC001 (with gun)
Hector Barbossa with Pegleg POC028 (however it seems to have Captain Jack's head rather than his own, does come with a code card though)


  • MojoestMojoest Member Posts: 477
    And the polls and sets:

    Polys (all MISB)

    Full Set of the 2014 Shell Promotional Polys (all 7 inc tanker):

    I will only trade or sell these as a set but do have the following in addition available separately:

    #40190 F138

    #40191 F12 Berlinetta

    #40192 250 GTO

    #40194 Finish Line and Podium


    Other Polys


    #5002126 Martian Manhunter x1

    #5004081 Plastic Man x1

    #5002145 TRU Rocket Raccoon x1

    #5002122 TC-4 x1

    #30300 Batman Tumbler x1

    #30301 Batwing x4

    #30228 Police ATV x7

    #30247 Arc-170 Starfighter x11

    #30106 Friends Ice Cream Stand x2

    #30105 Friends Mailbox x2

    #30264 Frax' Phoenix Flyer x1

    #30265 Worriz' Fire Bike x3

    #30183 Creator Small car x9

    #30189 Creator Transport Plane x1

    #30281 TLM Micro manager Battle x1

    #30246 SW Imperial Shuttle x1

    #30244 SW Anakin's Jedi Intercepter x2

    #30229 Repair lift x1

    #30227 Police Watercraft x1

    #30271 Mikey's Mini-Shellraiser x2

    #30310 Arctic Scout x2

    #40077 Geoffrey (TRU) x1

    #30215 Legolas Greenleaf x2

    #852996 Lego Club Max x2

    #30311 Swamp Police Helicopterx1

    #30303 The Joker Bumper Carx1

    #30259 Azari’s Magic Fire x1

    #30312 Demolition Driller x1

    #30116 Disney Princess x2

    #30283 Creator Off Road x1


    Target cube - SuperBoy removed, but the rest of the figures and packaging are present.





    And a few sets for trade or sale too (all new and sealed with boxes in great condition, bar 79003):


    #79008 LOTR Pirate Ship Ambush

    #79003 The Hobbit - An Unexpected Gathering (tatty box)

    #79004 The Hobbit - Barrel Escape

    #79015 The Hobbit - Witch-King Battle


    #79108 The Lone Ranger - Stagecoach Escape

    #76009 Superman: Black Zero Escape

    #76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase

    #7965 Star Wars: Millennium Falcon

    #76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue x2

    #76013 Batman: The Joker Steam Roller

    #40120 Valentine’s Day Dinner x5

  • MojoestMojoest Member Posts: 477
    edited May 2015
    And my wanted lists (all Super Heroes of some sort, including original Spider Man and Batman, but also current sets too):

  • MojoestMojoest Member Posts: 477
    The following have now gone:

    Mini Figs:
    Series 2 Bart
    Series 1 Cheerleader
    Series 9 Knight
    Series 8 Pirate
    Batman SH064
    Jameson SH054

    Plastic Man 
    Rocket Racoon
    Jokers Bumper Car

    I've also managed to get hold of both the Electro Polys I need as well as one of the Spiderman Super Jumpers.

    Updated my wants lists too. Still after a Winter Solider and Spiderman Jumper, but as they will be for display I'm happy for the Polys to be open if that helps.

    If you don't have anything on my wants lists then everything is for sale. I'm happy to undercut the lowest prices on Bricklink. The more you want, the bigger the discount :smile: 

    I've had a number of people contact me from the US and whilst I'm happy to trade it will probably need to be a fairly sizeable one to spread the cost of the postage.
  • MojoestMojoest Member Posts: 477
    Following the Daily Mail Promo I also now have the following for trade/sale:

    #30284 Tractor x1
    #30274 AT-DP x2
    #30313 Garbage Truck x2
    #30293 Kai Drifter x2

    Also I've got two brand new and sealed #76000 Arctic Batman Vs Mr Freeze sets.

    Wants list is the same but I'd also like to the 2-3 more Joker Bumper car polys. 

  • MojoestMojoest Member Posts: 477
  • MojoestMojoest Member Posts: 477
    #30283 Creator Off Road x1
    #30311 Swamp Police Helicopter x1
    Are both now gone

    No longer need Any Electro polls of Spiderman Jumpers but still looking for another Winter Solider and my wants lists have been updated

    Thanks for looking
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair Member Posts: 2,710
    edited June 2015
    Pm sent
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