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Collecting vintage Space Lego

GarySGaryS Member Posts: 4

Hi All

New to the forum so thought I'd say hello first.  This is a great forum, very informative so thought I'd join in.

I'm looking to collect all the vintage space Lego boxed (though not sealed) from the 70's/80's, up to the point where they changed the spacemen from one colour to the Futuron colour scheme (though I do have the monorail!)

Am doing ok so far.  I think there's around 83 possible sets out of which I have 62.

Does anyone know anything about sets 0012-0015, the small spacemen sets?  Don't believe I've ever seen these anywhere!

Also sets 1526...Which potentially is not possible to get from what research I have done, and sets 1968 and 1593.  Are these really super rare/expensive?

Any info on these would be greatly appreciated.



  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    edited May 2015
    Welcome to the forum, you've set yourself a lofty goal!

    #1526 was never made
    #1968 was a promotional set available only in certain stores
    #1593 was not actually a set, but instructions to make a model from 2 others

    0012-0015 were available only in Canada, I believe, and thus like hen's teeth.

  • GarySGaryS Member Posts: 4

    Many thanks or the info.

    I take sets 0012-15 are expensive and next to impossible to buy?  Not a huge problem with those, as my toy collecting focus (mainly vintage star wars toys 70's/80's) is only UK based so if they are Canadian I could knock them off the wants list.

    I guess I can also knock 1526 off as well.

    Doesn't 1593 still come in its own box though? 

    What sort of price might I be looking at for 1593 and 1968 boxed?

    Thanks again for the info.  It is a lofty goal, but I'm only left with 21 to get and your info has ready suggested I could knock 5 off the wants list! 

  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Member Posts: 1,659
    @GaryS, Bricklink has both, but be prepare to shell out a few 100's for each..

  • SuperTrampSuperTramp Member Posts: 1,021
    edited May 2015
    Searching #1593 on ebay come up with this.

    Would be a fantastic start to your vintage space collection. almost tempted myself.

  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,787
    Tempted to part together #1526

    #1593 I believe are made from #6929 and #6880, and the instructions were from some retailer as part of an offer (maybe with both of those sets included)
    I have a #1593 printed copy, as I'm sure other have and just BL the set.
  • GarySGaryS Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for the links.  I am only looking for boxed stuff though.  That does however give me an idea on the kind of prices I'm likely to be paying.

    I have found a boxed 1968 for £275...which is somewhat tempting.  Possibly the rarer of the two pieces it seems.

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