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Hey there,i am peter. A lego adiction story.

PmhPmh Member Posts: 128

Hello all,

After having been in my dark ages for more then 20 years I escaped them about 3 years ago, only to fall right back in 3 months later. Now 2 weeks ago I came out again and I have a severe case of lego fever.

Playing with lego for me started at a very young age in the mid 70,s with one of the first electric lego trains and ended in the mid 80,s with technic and classic space lego. A few years later I gave away all my lego to a friend who just had a son and I fell into my dark ages. Then 3 years ago I saw the ucs super star destroyer in the store and I just had to have it. It was the space ship I always wanted and never had. Big,awesome and it had the perfect color sceme,100% grey. After thinking about buying it for a week because of the high price I finally bought it and I truly enjoyed building it. After I build it I almost bought the grand carousel....thought about it for a week and decided against it mostly because of the price.  Over the following weeks I fell back into my dark ages , even though I truly enjoyed having the SSD as a display piece. Then about 6 months ago I saw the VW van , a true master piece and the best lego model I had ever seen. It was so beautiful designed and it looked so great that I couldn't resist buying it. Then 2 weeks ago the fever hit me hard, a friend of me had a severe case and more or less talked me into it,reading many reviews on brickset made me want to have a few sets badly and I went on a shopping spree about wich I still feel a bit guilty. Bought the detectives office,the Parisian restaurant,the ghostbusters exto 1,The small eifel tower,the un building, the lego ideas birds and the lego creator mountain hut,+ a few small polybags.  I have been building almost non stop since then and I cant stop thinking about anything but lego. I have no clue where I will go from here. As a kid I build the official design only once to break it down asap and make my own creations,i even won a price once at my local lego store. Getting back into building my own creations is what I would like to do,i have seen so many truly awesome things on flickr that I can only dream of being able to ever do myself but I still want to give it a try. For that a lot of bulk lego will be needed so I will probably start buying 2nd hand bulk and resell the items I don't need to keep it affordable.Another dream of me is having a classic big lego city like the ones some people on this site have as well,though I do fear the cost for that will be to high for me.

Many things in lego have changed.I was truly surprised by how great all the designs look and how much is possible now. The snot technique is the best thing that ever happened to lego,and then to think that some of the snot pieces where already available in the 70,s! The colors also have gotten a lot better I noticed but a few things also got worse unfortunately,well at least for me. I am no fan of the new train system on batterys and the trains being build from big specificly made pieces. I am also not a huge fan of the new studless techniq pieces. Though I love moc,s without studs I don't like big lego parts without studs,the studs should be invisible but they should still be there.It also makes it more difficult to combine technique with classic lego and for that reason I probably wont get into technique lego even though it was one of my favorit themes as a kid.

Well that's about it, I do apologise for any spelling mistakes as English is not my native language and I hope to be able to contribute positively to this site,for now I cant stop thinking about anything lego and I just have to talk about it.

Peter. AFOL



  • BooTheMightyHamsterBooTheMightyHamster Member Posts: 1,528
    Hello Peter!

    You sound just like I was a couple of years ago.  Suddenly, you want everything, and you want it right now!

    And don't worry about your English - you're doing just fine, and I suspect it's far better than most people here could write in Dutch!
    Or is that Flemish?

    Anyway - welcome to Brickset!
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,076
    Gosh, Peter, you do have it bad!

    Split those sets and start building. Constructing sets from instructions is great, and relaxing, but nothing beats the buzz of creating your own thing: the design, problem solving and everything else that goes with it.

    Welcome to the forum!
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    Hi Peter! Welcome to the forum. I know what you feel like wanting all the sets in one go! A nice lego shop in the Netherlands is A-Tembo. They have two or three 'real' shops but also a good selection online, including some older sets and good priced base-boards (very necessary for MOC'ing a city). But it sounds like you've got a nice selection to get you started for now ;-) Have fun!
  • EluneElune Member Posts: 99
    Welcome Peter! Show us your MOCs when you build some. :)
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Member Posts: 1,437
    Hey Peter!
    Welcome to the forum.

    As @snowhitie   already mentioned; A-Tembo is indeed a nice shop. Their prices are generally well below those of the majority of other shops that sell Lego in the Netherlands to my knowledge, and they carry most sets that TLG releases. I have bought quite a few sets from them on line the last couple of years, since I rediscovered Lego as an adult.
    At another (online)shop called brickshop,  you can often find good 'early bird' deals, though caution is in place because numerous sets are often also more expensive then they are at all other retailers. Next to that, they sometimes advertise sets being discounted, when these 'discounted' sets now cost just as much as they normally already do elsewhere. They do however offer good service.

    Good luck collecting, building, MOC'ing, and of course trying to manage your ever growing collection.

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