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hello there i'm Constantin .. and i think i have a problem .

yes i'm an addict :expressionless: 

So far I've been  buying a lot of bulk legos  and sorting them out i have over 30 sets of the City collection soon will be starting to make my city with a train system i have 3 of them red cargo yellow cargo and the red passenger one . I mainly love the city collection of legos because it seams its the easiest to play with . I also love the Starwars collection i have something like 15 set including the At-At none motorized the millennium falcon the malevolence the x wing b wing and smaller sets like the at-rt im missing a lot of the top of my head ..  i don't know about you guys .. but the city sets are for play and the starwars set are for display .

my most recent new purchased set is the New sand-crawler and i have to tell you all what an AMAZING set that is great play-ability and the attention to details on that master piece .

I like some of you probably kick yourself in the bum for not buying that ONE set .. for me its the Maersk train set I'm looking for one  and the ones out there are just ridiculously price are people selling them per unit like the engine then the rest and i cant blame them for trying to make a buck .. but come on .. 200$ + for just the engine  from a set that was originally 150 $ Cdn ... sorry just venting :wink:  

anyway .. this is me and my addiction and interest in this beautiful addiction and now that i have a boy my collection will only grow bigger until he can play with it (hes only 2) ill buy more and more and the wife cant say a thing about it :smiley: LOL 


p.s if you see or have a Maersk set for sell .. let me know :wink: LOL


  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,662
    Hello! so 45 sets? doesn't sound like too much, I'm around 100, and I'm sure other people here are over 9999 :D
  • ConstantinConstantin Member Posts: 6
    oh i totally agree .. lol  i know some people are putting my small collection to shame .i was just mentioning the one worth it .. not count the under 30$ small set .. but my addiction as to do with me searching  craigslist for bulk .. hunting down deals on ebay or any other sites  and most recently joining this group and always thinking about my next Lego buy and looking into buy a bigger house with more rooms to have my own dedicated Lego room lol 

    what are you into ? City ? technic ? trains ? starwars ? what do you have just curious .
  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,662

    lol, if you don't count sets under 30$, then I can remove like 2/3 of mine lol.

    I'm quite into ninjago, lotr and atlantis, also have a bunch of castle sets, few pirates, old western ones, multiple small space ones, etc...

  • AndorAndor Member Posts: 252
    edited May 2015
    Welcome. @Constantin  This is one the best place to be. For a LEGO 'addict' like your self. My collection is about the same size as your's. Unless I excluded the $30 sets. I have a fair sum of those.  My biggest set is #10237 Tower of Orthanc (US $199.99) 
      As for my favorite themes, LOTR & The Hobbit first. (over 50% of my collection is that)
     Ninjago,Legends of Chima, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, Castle, Collectible minifigures, pirate and Marvel/DC superheroes, (though I don't own any DC yet) Huzzah! Enjoy your stay here mate.
  • bobabricksbobabricks Member Posts: 1,842
    Welcome to the forums from a Vancouverite! ;)
  • ConstantinConstantin Member Posts: 6
    it seams like no matter what we are into .. we all share the love of this beautiful addiction . personally never got into the Ninjago thing i just don't get the sets they are nice dont get me wrong but just not for me . the LOTR ones are Amazing so are  the castle and pirates I really am an addict but trying to keep it at least in one or two themes .. so far starwars  and city/trains (For NOW)  lol 

    cheers for the warm welcome everyone looking forward to share my love for this  plastic awesomeness .

    back on craigslist i go and search some more for deals :D 

  • EluneElune Member Posts: 99
    Welcome! I feel you - deal seeking is an addiction in itself. ^^;

    See you around.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie Member Posts: 3,078
    Welcome Constantin. I also love Lotr, just built bag end in the weekend and I am totally in love! TOO was a great thing to built to and looks impressive on top of my piano :-)
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