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Thought I had a Bargain, got a great suprise! (BTW what's a 911-1 worth?)

Normally bit of a lurker as I'm a new AFOL just coming out of my dark age (rediscovered enthusiasm whilst collecting Lego Friends sets for my daughters).

Posting this as I think there's some interesting sets I've picked up. 

Saw a advert for some old classic lego sets for £60, few boxed sets that looked like good condition and couple of margarine tubs of loose lego:
911 Advanced basic set - boxed
948 Go Cart Good - boxed
918 One Man Space Ship - boxed
970 Lighting Bricks - Boxed
107 Universal Motor - Boxed but broken
305 Two Crater Plates - Boxed

Picked it up last night and was well pleased. Got home & opened the margarine tubs and got . . . Loose lego, minifigs, instructions & cut up boxes!!! all around the 1976-1981 era!
Spent the night putting them together & haven't finished yet but I reckon I've got instructions & bricks for:

1x 616 Cargo Ship   
1x 644 Police Mobile Patrol with box
2x 886 Space Buggy with box's
2x 886 Space Buggy
1x 425 Fork Lift  
1x 698 Boeing Aeroplane 
1x 663 Hovercraft  
1x 133 Locomotive  
1x 891 Two Seater Space Scooter  
1x 6822 Space Digger  
1x 6821 Shovel Buggy  
1x 885 Space Scooter  
1x 6801 Moon Buggy  
2x 894 Mobile Ground Tracking Station  
2x 6842 Small Space Shuttle Craft  
1x 6627 Convertible  
1x 645 Police Helicopter  
1x 670 Mobile Crane  
1x 625 Tractor Digger  
1x 6609 Race Car
1x Weetabix2 Windmill
1x Weetabix3 House
1x Weetabix4 House

I'll add the Weetabix set instructions/inventory to the rebrickable database if I can figure out how to do it.

The missus' hasn't been impressed with me recently with my Lego buying spree (42009, 42030,10236 in the last month) so after justifying this lot purchase I've promised to sell some of it off to offset my spending.

I've got a pretty good idea what most of the sets are worth but the boxed 911 set is tricky as there's not much historical data. Anyone hazard a guess?
Also I've got a bunch of cut up boxes for the smaller sets. Do they add value & are they worth taping back together or should they be offered as is?



  • mindfieldsukmindfieldsuk Member Posts: 10
    edited May 2015
    How do you get pictures attached? Grr

    I'll try & Post some higher res photo's later if anyone has requests.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Nice find! And thanks for uploading the instructions.
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    Yes, thanks. We don't actually host instructions here, except in rare circumstances, though, to avoid the wrath of LEGO.
  • B_HollsB_Holls Member Posts: 41
    Totally jealous of your find. Don't know much about the 911 but I wish you luck with putting together the rest of the sets. Personally when I buy older stuff I like to get any part of the box the seller will send, but that's just my option, I don't know about everyone else. If the sets are all complete you will have definitely justified your purchase. Good Luck !
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    Lol, I actually thought with the title we were going to go down a Carrera road.
  • mindfieldsukmindfieldsuk Member Posts: 10
    edited May 2015

    Update & Photo's (download for full size)

    Spent the last few evenings happily building away!

    Got everything listed pretty much 99% complete. Additionally had the 435 Tipper Truck & 6841 Mineral detector

    Had a few broken bricks here & there but nothing major. The condition of the instructions are generally very good with some of them never unfolded (especially the duplicate sets). Some of the Basic sets have sun damage. Looks like the previous owner cut up the boxes and kept the front and back pieces for build ideas.

    The 918 Is pretty much pristine, The gold & createring detail is very obvious! instructions & box almost brand new.

    Didn't know that the 894 Mobile ground tracking station was rare so pleased that all four clear shields are present & good condition.

    948 set is complete but a few pieces missing from the 911.

    Tested the lights & Motor & they both work!

    Have to admit I'm intrigued by the roof construction & architecture in the Weetbix sets but have to admit I'm really enjoying the Lego space at the moment. Really taking me back to my childhood.

    Think I need to look at cleaning the bricks now & finding somewhere to store/display them safely.

    Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I should send the instuctions to rebrickable?

  • CurvedRoadPlateCurvedRoadPlate Member Posts: 257
    What a wonderful collection. Such a great find.

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