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2012 City: Forest Division

aplbomr79aplbomr79 Member Posts: 159
edited October 2011 in Collecting
Forest Division


  • aplbomr79aplbomr79 Member Posts: 159
    edited October 2011
    I am sorely disappointed by the recent 'Forest Division' in the City line. When it was leaked, I was hoping for a new Forest Ranger type minig(s). It is disappointing that the Officials are of the City Police faction. It was also disappointing that the 'burglers' were one in the same as the thieves from the City Line.

    I was hoping for Rangers with tan or brown bodies and legs along with Wide-brimmed hats - and the absconders with anything but 'convict' duds and the skull caps. Maybe allow the offenders to wear baseball caps or even hair or cowboy hats? That would have sent the sets over the top.

    A whiskey distillery from the Blue Mtns. would have been great... but I understand.

    Plus, could LEGO included more wildlife, such as deer, raccoons, rabbits, or Elk? Those would have added greatly to a hunting-theme. Playmobil already has embraced this venture - LEGO is too far behind.

    Other than that, the sets look great.

    Any other thoughts?
  • JasenJasen Member Posts: 283
    I'm just happy to see a new variety in vehicles :D
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,543
    edited October 2011
    Err... seems to me that a lot of what you wanted is actually there, isn't it?

    The trouble-makers at first glance do look similar to the city line, but are wearing baseball caps, flying-hats, wear sleeveless shirts, and if you look closely appear to have some new facial hair patterns too. The cops (new forest type minifig?) do have brown ranger torsos, blue legs, and wide-brimmed tan ranger hats. More wildlife might be introduced later, elk & deer & rabbits & beavers & raccoons would be nice, but there is a bear.


    (just from looking at brickset entry for set 4438, 4437, 4440 etc)
  • devilheaddevilhead Member Posts: 284
    I think, for the most part, the sets are sharp looking. I kind of wish that they had designated them as 'Rangers' rather than 'Police' and had gone with light green or maybe tan rather than blue for the vehicles to create a greater level of distinction.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,717
    ^^--- No kidding.. While the sets are kinda small they are neat and a nice change of pace.
  • Silber334Silber334 Member Posts: 147
    I gotta agree with aplbomr79 about the whisky distillery. Nothing like booze to keep the adult minifigs up and partyin' instead of all that stupid cofee. But too bad whiskey would be deemed inappropriate for the kids, which most of the sets are catered to.
    That image where a lego thief was trying to break into gold mine was pretty hilarious. Welcome to cartoon land of the 50s!
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    At least you get bottles of rum in the POTC sets :D
  • LegogeekLegogeek Orange County, CaliforniaMember Posts: 714
    LOL.... funny how crooks are okay to make as minfigs, but drunks aren't.
  • mrpolemrpole Member Posts: 15
    edited November 2011
    Am I the only one who finds it ironic that this is a forest theme in the City line?
    And why do the police need a chinook? I just dont get this theme.
  • Rollo_TomassiRollo_Tomassi Member Posts: 113
    edited November 2011
    It would make more sense in the Castle or Space subthemes?
    BTW I'm totally digging the little burgundy sportscar and 4x4 vehicles the thugs are using.
  • devilheaddevilhead Member Posts: 284
    edited November 2011
    Am I the only one who finds it ironic that this is a forest theme in the City line?
    And why do the police need a chinook? I just dont get this theme.
    I see it more as an oxymoron than irony (though I van see why one would think that).
    And forest rangers may use a chinook type helicopter for search and rescue or supply transportation.
  • giraffefrecklesgiraffefreckles Member Posts: 100
    ^^ Yeah, the vehicles are drawing me in too (along with the bear.). I think the rangers can live in my Log Cabin, and their primary neighbors would be the visitors in their campers...
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