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FS [UK/Europe] - Some Sealed Sets up of Grabs

indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
Hi all, 

Just doing a bit of spring cleaning and stumbled across some sets I have multiples of that have now retired, along with some sealed sets I have. 

We all know the prices these sets make after market, however I am open to ideas on pricing's for Brickset users, so feel free to ping me a message with your offer and lets see what happens. I am only looking for cash as I need to clear some space. 

The sets are;
10197 - Fire Brigade
10211 - Grand Emporium
10229 - Winter Village Cottage
21103 - BTTF - DeLorean Time Machine

I also have sealed;

10220 - VW Camper Van
10218 - Pet Shop

At one point I started collecting the Store openings, but gave up on the idea, so again would rather someone on here get them if they want them for the right price.

LEGO Leeds Store Opening - Set 284 of 300
LEGO Watford Store Opening - 250 of 300
LEGO Stratford Store Opening - 138 of 500
LEGO Manchester Store Opening - 280 of 300
LEGO Glasgow Store Opening - 52 of 300
LEGO Alpharetta US Store Opening - 436 of 500 (with back printing)
LEGO Sheffield Store Opening - 258 of 300
LEGO Cologne Store 1st Anniversary 

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