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FT: Simpsons Series 2 (UK)

ccjwprongsccjwprongs UKMember Posts: 89
Might be a bit premature with this, but I'm after the last three I need to complete my set:


I have these for trade:

Maggie (S1) (complete, no packet/leaflet)
Mr Burns (complete, no packet/leaflet)
Homer (S2) (complete with open packet and leaflet)
Selma (sealed)
Edna (sealed)

I'm based in London and would prefer to swap for all three in one fell swoop if at all possible.


  • ccjwprongsccjwprongs UKMember Posts: 89
    Just a little bump, now that more people will have their hands on Series 2.

    I also have a few other spare CMFs, if they're of interest to anybody:

    S3 Baseball Player
    S3 Racecar Driver
    S4 Viking
    S5 Cavewoman
    S6 Highland Battler
    S9 Mermaid
    S9 Hollywood Starlet
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