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Star Wars and Harry Potter Sets

Spen23Spen23 Member Posts: 4
edited April 2015 in Marketplace
Hello all, I'm very new to this so be gentle.
ive dug out a load of sets I had many years ago and pieced them all together to check I've still got all the right parts, and I have!
i don't have any boxes for the following list but I do have all the instructions.
I'm wondering what to do next really. I'd like to sell if there if an interest for any/all of the sets.
if anyone could give me an idea of how much value I'm looking at, it would be much appreciated.
like I said, I'm new to this so any help on selling would be fantastic.

Ps, pictures of all will be taking this evening, and if anyone has an offer, fire away!

7141 - naboo fighter
7186 - watto's junkyard
7121 - naboo swamp
7126 - battle droid carrier
7121 - droid fighter
7124 - flash speeder
7101 - lightsaber duel
7131 - anakins podracer
7151 - sith infiltrator
7161 - gungun sub

4711 - flying lesson
4709 - Hogwarts castle
4712 - troll on the looses
4721 - classrooms
4707 - hagrids hut
4701 - sorting hat
4726 - quiddich
4708 - Hogwarts express
4702 - final challenge
4706 - forbidden corridor
4704 - room of winged keys
4705 - snapes classroom
4731 - dobbys release


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