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Lego 364 Harbour Scene (1975) - FOR SALE

day26day26day26day26 Member Posts: 9
edited October 2011 in Marketplace
I have a Lego 364 Harbour Scene for sale.

The set is in good condition and seems to be complete except for the following:

- Instructions
- 12 x "1x2" blue - from legs of crane. (I wonder if these were missing from original set as previous build had them missing as well). (Crane is not as high as shown on box).
- 1 x "2x2" black -from top of boat

The good points are as follows:

- original cardboard baseplate is present and in good condition (but does have small dent to top right corner)
- original box present (has a little tape stuck on front where it's been held closed)
- original four inside boxes present and in reasonably good condition
- All stickers seem to be present and stuck on correct part! (Except for 1 life-ring which is still on paper)

There are a few extra bits in the box (which I'm going to put in a bag with the set to sell):

- The Lego Experts Guide To 1976
- Some Golden Lego studs to stick on the back of the above
- Some extra pieces (various)

I've uploaded some pictures here:

If anyone is interested and would like to make an offer please email me at [email protected]


  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Member Posts: 4,401
    This is the third identical thread you have created which borderlines as spamming. This thread is now closed.
This discussion has been closed.

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