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Hi guys and gals
I need some advice please. I have been offered a set of figures but it is from a relatively new seller. I am a bit worried about getting fakes as I have been reading about fake minifigs lately.

How would I tell by looking at them? Are fakes these days coming in polybags that look real? They look as I would expect them to. I would appreciate any advice.



  • BACbrixBACbrix Member Posts: 655
    Nope not fakes.
  • BACbrixBACbrix Member Posts: 655
    The only suspicious one is the elf bowman in the middle top with baggie but I would trust it.
  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313
    ^ That Mirkwood Elf in the middle top was part of an offer that VUE Cinema had if you pre-ordered tickets to the Hobbit, it's legit.  I received mine in the same way (figure in a grip seal baggie with red stripe and card).  The pieces should all still be marked Lego.

  • Sethro3Sethro3 Member Posts: 982
    So far, I've only seen fakes in boxes or in a clear plastic bag. Never in a polybag with artwork like the official versions.
  • CommanderRaabCommanderRaab Member Posts: 660
    Thanks everyone
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