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(US Only) Sets for Sale/ Trade... City, Pirates, Space, + Others

RubberbandManRubberbandMan Member Posts: 43

Hey Everybody,

Looking to Sell / Trade some of my LEGO stuff away.
I'll be shipping from the Chicago area. No international shipping right now though.

Some stuff is listed as sell or trade, things that are listed as trade only, are exactly that, just looking to trade it for something that I want of equal value.

Ok thanks, if you see anything your interested in let me know.

Oh and everything is 100% Complete w/ Minifigs and Instructions Included unless otherwise noted, and No Boxes.


LEGO City - Set 7249 for $90

LEGO Train - Set 10157 for $70

LEGO Agents - Set 8630 for $35

LEGO Alpha Team - Set 6773 (Missing Stickers) and Set 6775 for $20

LEGO Mars Mission - Set 7692 for $40

LEGO Mars Mission - Set 7648 for $15

LEGO Pirates - Set 6279 (Instructions are in Rough Shape) for $60

LEGO Pirates - Set 6249 (Missing 1 Minifig) for $20

LEGO Pirates Juniors - Set 7075 (Missing Sword Accessories) for $45

LEGO Spyrius - Set 6889 and Set 6835 + Extra Minifigs for $35

LEGO Exploriens - (2x) Set 6899, (2x) Set 6856, and Set 6815 + Extra Minifigs for $90

LEGO Pharoahs Quest - Set 7327 for $100

Other Pharaohs Quest:

7306 for $8

7305 for $5 Each (5x Available)

Minifigs from 4x Battle Packs Available As Well.

LEGO Star Wars - Set 7964 (Vehicle Only) for Trade Only


LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV Set 10198

LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing Only from Set 7150


Star Wars Minifigs:

Tactical Droid, Top Priority

Sealed Chrome Vader

+ Others.... Let me know what you have for trade.


LEGO Super Heroes Daily Bugle Showdown Set 76005


Super Hero Minifigs:

Avengers Age of Ultron.... Let me know what you have for trade.



Ultimate Green Goblin w/ Glider



Plastic Man



Hydra Henchman, Low Priority

The Sakaaran, Low Priority



Uruk-Hai and Rohan Archers


LEGO Hobbit:

Bard the Bowman

Dain Ironfoot

+ A few others....


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