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Booklet 1973

MrTjipsMrTjips Member Posts: 32
Today I got this little booklet published by Lego in 1973. It's about children and the way they like to play.

This is the Dutch version and I'm curious in how many more languages more it was written. I gues at least in English, German, French and maybe in Danish?

Title: Een boekje open over kinderen en spelen
Written by Carl Gyllenhoff
Published by Lego AS, Denmark, 1973
24 pages, 9 x 18.5 cm


  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,100
    @MrTjips  I've not seen this brochure before... is it all in black/white?  Or is it a color brochure?  The LEGO model (on the right) shown is on the cover off all European 1973 LEGO catalogs.  It is not a parents catalog, because I've seen those from that era (found in LEGO sets), and this somehow looks different.
  • TigerMothTigerMoth Member Posts: 2,343
    The English version is titled "A little book about children and play". As that suggests, it's not really about about Lego (no, not LEGO, Lego) - although it gets a mention or two!

    The first page starts off "This little book is directed to you as a parent".

    It's black and white with black and white photographs and a few line drawings. 24 pages (i.e. 6 sheets of paper) stapled into a card cover card cover. At 91 mm x 184mm, it's a bit of an odd size.
  • MrTjipsMrTjips Member Posts: 32
    The Dutch version is also in black and white and I think it is exactly the same as the English one except for the language. The English title is the translation of the Dutch title (or vice versa).

    Seems this is a rare booklet...
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