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[DK] Legoland Billund store hard to find section



  • HangedSanchezHangedSanchez United KingdomMember Posts: 310
    GoldJono said:
    Was in the Lego store in Legoland Billund and they were selling #21029 Architecture Buckingham Palace, #21030 Architecture Capitol Building and also series 16 cmf.  So not really a deal but first sightings in Europe.
    Exciting news, as I'm off to Billund in 3 weeks! Did you fly from Billund by any chance? I'm curious if the Billund Airport set is still available from the shop in the departure lounge.
  • GoldJonoGoldJono Aberdeen, UKMember Posts: 215
    They had loads of Billund airport sets for sale at the Billund airport Lego shop.
  • RakulRakul USAMember Posts: 179
    ^ That is the one set that one day I am going to break down and pay way too much money for.  Though that would still be cheaper than flying from the US to Billund.
  • bobabricksbobabricks Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 1,839
    Whoever bumped this thread, you almost gave me a small heart attack seeing the original post...
  • SamJSamJ West Yorkshire, UK Member Posts: 118
    ^ That happened to me the last time it was bumped! I was finding the next flight out to billund
  • 1x11x1 Member Posts: 132
    Those pictures are Lego porn.
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