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(EU-WW) FT/FS: Customs Arkham Killer Croc/Captain America/Skulls/Munchkin/Brickwarriors/etc

vitreolumvitreolum Member Posts: 1,406
I'm from Romania, I will ship worldwide. I will provide a link to my bricklink profile for feedback.

Received these from various sources, but they don't really fit with my purist collection. Willing to trade or sell.

First here's my wanted list:

Polybags (must be sealed):

- Old sealed castle/pirates polys
- #30216: Lake-town Guard
- #2853590: Chrome Stormtrooper
- #2856197: Shadow ARF Trooper
- #5002145: Rocket Raccoon
- #5002938-1: Stormtrooper Sergeant
- #5002943-1: Winter Soldier
- #20004 BrickMaster - Indiana Jones
- Mentioned only my primary wants, will take other offers into consideration

Minifigs (new or mint):

- Clark Kent / Superman (5002202)
- Professor Lupin / Werewolf
- Elsa Schneider
- Indiana Jones - Gray Suit  (iaj039)
- Ugha Warrior 2x
- Professor Dolores Umbridge
- Professor Trelawney
- Blue Nightwing
- White/Black Two Face
- Batzarro
- Electro
- Mary Jame (sh103)
- Wonder Woman (sh150)
- Flash
- Minifigs from sets: 76004 (except spidey); 76022; 76025; 76028; 76042

Sets (can be opened and deboxed):

76031; 76040; 76041; 7195; 79015; 4182; 4181; 7682


1. Arkham Scarecrow - Hulk Bigfig hand painted by Nick Castle -

2. Phoenix Customs Winter Soldier Captain America -

3. Breakthrough Army Iron Man Mark 2 Armor -

4. Munchkin Bricks Set + Crate of Hoarding -

5. Brickwarriors lot + 20% coupon -

6. Firestarter Toys Lot -

7. Crazy Bricks Skulls -


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Shopping at or Amazon?

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.